Bucket List: 30 Places Before 30


Thirty places we’d like to travel as a couple by 30:

1. Germany — Oktoberfest definitely tops the reasons why we want to visit Germany. Millions of visitors, beer heaven, and delicious german food. Plus, I have strong German roots so I have a deep desire to learn more about my heritage.

2. Hawaii  What American doesn’t want to go to Hawaii? We’d love to take a scenic helicopter tour and swim with dolphins. (Lyndsi went March 2012 but we won’t cross it off yet)

3. New York, NY – We want to see it all! Perhaps visit on New Year’s to be in on all the craziness. Though Marc may not be feeling the huge crowds.

4. Lake Tahoe, CA – One of my absolute favorite places in America. We want to stay in an awesome cabin. Or perhaps we’d settle for this tree house.

5. Las Vegas, NV – I’ve been there, but I was too young to get the whole Vegas experience. Bring it on.

6. Louisville, KY – We visited as a couple in June 2011, but I’m dying to go back to watch the Kentucky Derby. We’ll have to make that happen. (May 2012)

7. Atlanta, GA – So I can watch a SF Giants game at Turner Field. I’ve been a SF Giants fan all my life and want to watch them play in Atlanta. We both want to check out Atlanta, so a baseball game will give us an excuse to take a quick road trip. Seeing the Coca-Cola museum would also make the list.

8. Grand Canyon, AZ – I’ve been here, but I’m dying to return to walk on the skywalk since it wasn’t built when I went. Marc’s never been.

9. Whistler, BC, Canada – I’m a pretty avid snowboarder. That’s all you need to know. With all the gear we’ll be packing, I’m thinking that I should find a car rental so we don’t need to worry about space.

10. Aspen, CO – This town has it all. I’d pull out my snowboard on this trip, too.

11. Washington, DC – We’ve both been here, but not as a couple. We’d love to return one spring to see the beautiful cherry blossoms.

12. Outer Banks, NC – We’ve both wanted to visit the Outer Banks since we’ve lived in North Carolina. Hopefully this trip will happen sooner rather than later. (April 2012)

13. Lake Powell, AZ – This is my dream vacation. We’d love to get a group of 10-20 awesome friends to rent a houseboat and jet skis with us. It’d be the ultimate trip with friends. The lake has nearly 2,000 miles of coastline and it would be pretty much like boating in the Grand Canyon. The houseboat to the right would be a sweet option.

14. Chicago, IL – To experience the magnificent mile.

15. Napa Valley, CA – I’m a bit of a wino. This trip is an absolute must. (A bit? – Marc)

16. Bald Head Island, NC – We heard this is where all the yuppies vacation. We want in on that.

17. Boston, MA — To learn how to pahk the cah.

18. Austin, TX – It’s the live music capital of the world. Enough said. (October 2011)

19. Australia – Not sure we’ll make this one happen before we’re 30, but we’d love to!

20. Cape Cod, MA – No reason, we just want to check it out.

21. Alexandria & Mount Vernon, VA – Supposedly a great weekend getaway for couples.

22. Nantucket, MA – I read some girly novel based in Nantucket and now I want to visit.

23. Cape May, NJ — New Jersey is not all about waste management and the Sopranos.

24. Cumberland Island, GA – We want to experience the pristine maritime forests, undeveloped beaches, and wide marshes.

25. Atlantic City, NJ — The East Coast Vegas.

26. Alaska – I’m intrigued by all the wildlife. My ideal way to see Alaska would be via an Alaskan cruise.

27. Park City, UT – This would most likely be another snowboarding trip for me.

28. Yellowstone –  We want to experience Old Faithful and the hundreds of other geysers and hot springs. We also want to see all the wildlife and do all the fun outdoor activities.

29. Destin, FL – Just another beach we’d love to visit.

30. Panama City Beach, FL – Party like we’re in college.

What makes your list, did we miss anything?

~ Lyndsi


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  1. We’re doing Hawaii 2012. Woohooo!!! Canada (just Niagara Falls) this month, as a long weekender. Austin in October. Check check check on your list!!!
    One place that is missing… Estes Park, Colorado. If you are willing to hike in high altitudes, you will see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Do not miss the hike to Dream Lake, with your fishing pole! Once there take a break, but make sure you go all the way up to Emerald Lake too… It’s really not that much further and if I can do it at 5 1/2 months pregnant, you can too!!!
    Oh and P.S. The lakes are cold, don’t plan on swimming in them.

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