Heaven on Earth: The Majestic Snowbird Lodge


Rustic elegance is how I’d describe the Snowbird Lodge near Robbinsville, NC. Located off the scenic Cherohala Skyway in Western NC, you drive for miles and miles into the wilderness and then around of the many bends, you see the Snowbird sign. What a welcome sight for sore eyes.

Upon entering, you climb a steep driveway to reach the main lodge. This is an elegant, yet rustic mountain lodge nestled on the side of a mountain range, offering stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are no TVs, no cell phone reception, just a welcoming, cozy lodge, along with separate cabins for those wanting more spacious rooms and a higher level of luxury (we can’t resist it). The separate cabins were built later in the 20th century and provide vaulted ceilings with beautiful woodwork, along with larger bathrooms, and mini-refridgerator, and the best part … your own hot tub on your private deck overlooking the mountains.

When you enter, you instantly feel your blood pressure lower and the stresses of life fading away. What makes this place so special is it provides a true escape from the stresses of city life. And there’s something appealing about realizing you’re in the middle of nowhere, then all of a sudden you come across this lodge that has world-class dining. Instead of going to your room and watching TV, they provide relaxing CDs and satellite radio in each room. Another couple mentioned to us that one of the lodge rooms is haunted. Kind of makes me want to stay there to see for myself, but Lyndsi would advise otherwise!

What stands out at the main lodge is a giant wood-burning fireplace, thousands of books in its library, comfy leather sofas, along with the restaurant. This is an all-inclusive place, so three meals a day are provided (the brown bag lunch you select the day before). There is a quaint bar and an impressive selection of wine and cocktails. Mind you, this is in the middle of a dry county in the middle of nowhere, so it makes you appreciate the meal and drinks even more. A lot of the cuisine utilizes local ingredients, such as fresh-caught trout and local sausage.

We recognized a blonde lady at the front desk who looked familiar. Sure enough, it’s Tina Wesson, winner of Survivor! Pretty cool. She rides a motorcycle into Snowbird everyday and must be in heaven with all of the activities to do in the area. She’s also very friendly and will help you plan your day’s activities. Because being at Snowbird is about not only escaping daily life and having quality time, but also taking advantage of the miles of hiking trails on Snowbird’s premises, going kayaking in nearby lakes (kayaks provided), hiking, or going mountain biking. Now you see why the brown bag lunch is the perfect touch.

One of my favorite places in the world is Snowbird’s expansive patio overlooking the mountains. There are loads of rocking chairs awaiting you. Being there and watching the sunset with Lyndsi after a satisfying three-course dinner at the restaurant is pretty much as good as it gets. And if the stunning views on the porch aren’t good enough, Snowbird has two lookout points a short hike away that provide drop-dead views.

Snowbird Lodge is one of our favorite places in the world. I doubt another place in the Eastern U.S. can rival its beauty, historic charm, delicious cuisine, friendly staff, and I’ll admit, proximity to some amazing driving roads.

Snowbird has gained two visiting yuppies for life.

~ Marc



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