Confession: This Blogging Stuff While You’re Traveling is TOUGH!


So, if you follow Marc and I on Twitter (@twoyuppies), you are well aware we were both out of town this past weekend. Well, I’m still out of town. In fact, I’m in Canada. Prior to leaving for this trip I was so excited about blogging for the first time from the road. I told Marc I wanted to post at least twice on my trip. I was obviously being overly ambitious since this is my first post and not even a real post at that. It’s more of a rant.

I thought I would have plenty of time to make a meaningful post or two on the road, but honestly, it’s tough. Really tough. I admire all the travel bloggers I follow who somehow make time to share their experiences with others while traveling (tips, anyone?). You guys are awesome and I want to be like you someday.

On Friday, I left Charlotte to go on a five-day road trip. I’ve spent a good amount of time in Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls. I have a lot to say about Niagara Falls so I’ll try to get that post up by the end of the week! Pittsburgh is boring to me now that I’ve visited three times, but there might be a post about it since I’m a HUGE Steelers fan. Black & Yellow!

Time to catch some rest. I have 12-hour drive home tomorrow!

~ Lyndsi


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  1. Traveling and blogging simultaneously is hard! For long flights, I usually use the inflight wifi if available or start writing in air. Also, i have an “instant” tumblr account that is linked to my blog so I can send live pictures while i’m out and about ( using my smartphone, but usually I just have fun on my trips, take pictures and then recap it afterwards while it’s still fresh, then schedule the post for a later time. Tweeting helps too! Good luck!

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