Charleston, SC: Fit For Two Yuppies (Part 1)


If you’re neither a Carolinian nor a friend of a Carolinian, you most likely haven’t had the chance to hear anyone boast about Charleston, South Carolina. I’m not saying that people from other states don’t love Charleston, but chances are they’re not proud of Charleston like most Carolinians are. Surely you’ve heard about Texans and the pride they have for their state. Now just imagine Carolinians expressing the same pride for Charleston. There you have it. The best place on the map.

Charleston is a place Marc and I have visited several times and we will most likely visit every year as long as we live in the Carolinas. All of our trips have been uniquely different, so I’m going to share a few of those trips with you this week. I hope you gain a glimpse of what our lovely Charleston has to offer.

Charleston is known to be a romantic town that couples from all over the Carolinas love to frequent for romantic weekend getaways. It’s not just for couples, though. It’s often the go-to spot for big groups of friends, guys and girls alike. Just be careful going there if you’re single because, chances are, some sparks will ignite between you and the one you would never desire in another town. You’ll want to fill the void of not having someone special to share the charming city with. It’s a city that awes and it’s so much better when you have someone to embrace and hold hands with while walking down the historical streets.

In February, Marc and I decided to be a bit spontaneous and take a one-night trip to Charleston. If you haven’t caught on yet, Marc is the planner, so he does all the booking for our trips. This time he blessed me with a stay at Restoration on King (ROK). The hotel is in the center of downtown Charleston located on Wentworth Street. We absolutely loved that the hotel had a wine and cheese hour and a milk and cookies hour. The southern hospitality continued when ROK butlers (that’s what they seemed like, anyway) left us a picnic basket loaded with goodies outside of our door in the morning. It was so nice to be served breakfast without having to walk out of our room. Too bad a Grande Sugar-free Soy Cinnamon Dolce Latte didn’t come in the picnic basket.

Since it wasn’t included, Marc and I walked to Starbucks and then returned to the ROK rooftop terrace to enjoy our nice caffeinated beverages. The rooftop terrace doesn’t offer the best views of Charleston, but you can see plenty of the town’s dramatic church steeples. I loved listening to the church bells ring and definitely felt like I was in a good, southern town.

ROK is technically a luxury boutique hotel, but may be better described as your wealthy friend’s luxury apartment you were invited to stay at while he or she was on vacation, or the ritzy fully loaded timeshare rental your parents go to each year. The suite we stayed in had 1 1/2 baths, a well-furnished and beautifully decorated bedroom, a large living space, and a grand kitchen. The kitchen had a full-sized refrigerator, came stocked with everything from wine glasses to plates, had chef knives on the countertop … you get the point. A FULLY-EQUIPPED KITCHEN. I love to cook, so it was a shame I couldn’t put the kitchen to use. Then again, who am I kidding, the low-country cuisine in Charleston is simply not to be missed. If you’re planning a trip to Charleston, make sure you plan some time to be active otherwise you’ll return home a good 10 pounds heavier than you were when you left. Not a horrible price to pay for such amazing food, but I try to maintain my weight while on vacation.

We ended up eating at Blossom since the first three restaurants we called were booked with no openings until after 9 PM. Blossom exceeded our expectations and was an excellent place to eat with a beautiful setting. Although there were larger parties and parties with kids,  the ambiance of the restaurant is still romantic enough for a date with that special someone. I have recommended this restaurant to friends and would dine there again. Although, next time I visit I’d love to dine at Slightly North of Broad (SNOB).

After dinner, we made our way to the Roof Top Bar at Vendue Inn. The inside of the bar seemed more like an old dive bar to us (not really our thing), but we loved the live music. Even though dive bars aren’t typically where yuppies gather, this bar had absolutely no shortage of yuppies. I suppose we fit in well. The rooftop offered some of the best views of Charleston one could ask for. The Cooper River Bridge, Waterfront Park, and Fort Sumter are absolutely stunning to look at from the rooftop. I can only imagine how gorgeous a sunset must be from the Roof Top Bar at Vendue Inn.

That was pretty much all we managed to squeeze in during our quick trip to Charleston in February, but I’ll be posting about Wild Dunes at Isle of Palms in a couple of days! I’ll also venture back to downtown Charleston in my next post to share my experiences at the market and Charleston’s premiere shopping district.

~ Lyndsi



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