Greenville, SC: Worthy of a Weekend Getaway


Last week, I was blessed with an all-expenses-paid trip to Greenville, SC! It was my first trip to Greenville and I absolutely hated that it was for work. I can’t complain about the free trip, but I certainly didn’t have time to explore the city like I wanted to once I arrived and realized it was an awesome town.

I instantly loved it and my initial thoughts were “this is a mix of Asheville and Charlotte.” Granted, Greenville definitely isn’t nearly as pretty as Asheville since it lacks the mountainous backdrop and Charlotte is quite a bit larger.

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Greenville and I spent the majority of my time there. My huge complaint with Hyatt Regency is that it didn’t have free WiFi in the rooms. That’s a major downer. It put me in a poor mood because all I wanted to do after a long day was play on my iPad. I know I’m being somewhat of a snob given there are plenty of people in this world that never have access to the Internet. But guess what? I can’t help it. It’s a luxury I am used to having and when I don’t have access to it I tend to get a bit moody.

During a break, I ventured a few blocks down to Falls Park. It’s is a very pretty area given its vicinity to a large city. Greenville has done a wonderful job of making the area extremely attractive for tourists. I particularly liked the Liberty Bridge. It’s a suspension bridge with a pretty hefty curve in it and downstream a little bit is a cute little waterfall.

There were also a few local shops and restaurants near the water at Falls Park. I spotted one restaurant, High Cotton, which I was just dying to try for dinner. The décor and name of the restaurant were begging for my attention. Unfortunately, I had to have dinner with the rest of the group at Wild Wing Café. Let’s just say I barely ate since I ordered the “China Syndrome” wings — those little guys were hot, hot, hot!

I also ate at The Green Room located on Main Street downtown the next day for lunch. It is a lovely restaurant, but I’m not certain I would have loved it had I went there for dinner. The lunch, however, was super delicious. I ordered the Tuscan Chicken Melt and it had endless flavor. I intentionally didn’t take a picture of it since I didn’t want my colleagues questioning why I was taking pictures of my food!

Needless to say, I cannot wait to return to Greenville, SC for a weekend of fun with Marc. I hope to be able to dine at High Cotton and take a long run with him around the downtown area. I can’t wait to explore more of the town!

~ Lyndsi



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