Traveling Couples’ Digital Dinner Party — October 2011


Thanks to @twoOregonians for the invitation to the 1st Traveling Couples’ {Digital} Round the World Dinner Party. B & T are the brilliant minds behind #RTWDinnerParty and we are delighted to be their guests! If you like what you see here, be sure to check out the rest of the dinner table’s posts over at

Meet & Mingle

I love to treat the hostess with the mostess, so here you go, B! It’s a chocolate, tobacco leaf, and ebony wood warmed with roasted espresso scented candle!

Lyndsi: I’m well traveled within the United States and hope to travel the world someday. I’ve lived in four states: California, Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In all, I have visited 29 states, but who’s counting? As we mingle around the dinner table, I’m likely to get loud. Marc will usually nudge me in a caring way to let me know I need to tone it down a bit but, if he doesn’t, feel free to let me know I’m shouting! I just get a bit excited when I start mingling!

Marc: Originally from Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, I have lived all over the Eastern U.S., including New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and now North Carolina. I’ve been an Internet geek since the ’90s when I started Sports Central, a sports fan magazine, due to my love of sports and passion for the Internet. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it would grow into a profitable business and remain with me into adulthood.

Aside from travel and my desire to see the world, I am a certified car enthusiast and some people fail to understand why I’ll drive hundreds of miles just to … drive more (twisties). I’ll also admit I’m an Apple fanboy and think Steve Jobs is a genius.

If you want, you can learn more about us here.

Dinner Specialty

We struggled with what to bring to this dinner party. I thought about bringing a dessert: Dad’s delicious spiked baked apples or his killer raspberry chocoloate rum cake. I also thought about bringing my mom’s amazing apple pie, but since this is a digital dinner party, I know that my words could not do it justice. Both my parents are amazing cooks/bakers and I know I couldn’t go wrong bringing their food to a dinner table. As for my cooking, well, it’s a work in progress and my Dad would tell you guys I follow recipes too much when it comes to cooking (which, he would argue, makes for super boring food).

So, since this is our first dinner together, I decided to play it safe and bring “burgushi” (sushi made with beef) as an appetizer from one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina. The restaurant is called the Cowfish and it serves up burgers, sushi, and burgushi.

The burgushi I’m bringing to the table is the Taste Explosion roll (or maybe five Taste Explosion rolls). Seasoned natural Angus ground beef, applewood bacon, fresh jalapeños,and spicy cream sauce inside of a sushi roll coated with tempura flakes. Each piece is topped with marinated Roma tomato and pepper jack cheese, and then baked to perfection. Drizzled with cashew cilantro pesto to finish. I like my food spicy spicy. I sincerely hope no one at dinner suffers from heartburn!

We’re also bringing a special drink to the table tonight —  a bottle of Napa Valley Vodka. It’s made with sauvignon blanc grapes and is made for sipping. In my opinion, this is a wonderful way to get social and have a little fun! After all, this is our first dinner party!

Table Talk

Most likely, we’ll be more interested in listening to everyone else’s fabulous stories about round the world trips since we’ve just traveled within the United States. However, I’m sure we’ll pitch in with some talk about South Beach, Florida; Austin, Texas; North Carolina mountains, and random weekend getaways. We’re huge fans of American weekend getaways right now, so we have plenty to talk about in that category!


~ Lyndsi

P.S. I promise to bring some of my cooking next time!


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  2. Oh my word…that candle sounds divine! Thank you 🙂

    We love sushi – but our families won’t even try it. This sounds like a hopeful alternative??? And I’ve got to try making this cashew cilantro pesto. How delicious.

    Neither of us have ever been to the Carolinas. So many places to visit in this great big world. Thanks for the introduction, guys! And welcome do the #RTWdinnerparty. So nice to have you. Feel free to browse the other guests’ blogs and catch up on their dinner stories. 🙂

  3. Oh, don’t worry, I’ve been browsing! @GQtrippin gave me serious hunger pangs about 30 minutes ago. Your salmon didn’t help much either!

    The beef sushi is definitely an alternative but it still has seaweed so most sushi haters still won’t give it a try.

    The candle is our way of sucking up to you for being 3 days late! Gosh, we so apologize. Went to Austin, TX for a wedding for 4 days and we were so busy. We’re still trying to learn how to travel and blog at the same time! I seriously don’t know how so many people are so good at it! Maybe with time…

  4. BURGUSHI SOUNDS AMAZING! I don’t necessarily enjoy seafood so it’s a nice to have a melange of sushi and red meat. I only wish we knew about Cowfish a few months ago. We recently took a road trip across the U.S. and we drove through the Carolinas. Looks like we have another excuse to go back! Welcome to the party! Being late is always better than not coming at all. 🙂

  5. Gosh, wish we would have met you guys online a few months ago! We could have all met up at The Cowfish for some good food! If you guys are ever in the Carolinas again you’ll have to let us know. 🙂

    I usually freak out if I’m a minute late so I’m thoroughly embarrassed that we would have been a no show had it not been for B & T’s kindness in inviting us to join late!

  6. Yummm…….bacon and jalapenos. Thanks for bringing the burgushi!

    Would actually love to talk more about your U.S. weekend getaways. We’ve been scheming to do a road trip of the U.S., and were actually going to do our first Texas road trip this October. But then plans changed and now we’re going back to Central America. Hope to get some tips from you guys when we get back!

  7. Contact us whenever you would like!

    I can definitely give you plenty of options to choose from for a good Texas road trip! I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of Houston. I went there on a trip in high school and hated it. I feel bad for never giving it a second chance so maybe I’ll do that sometime in the future. If I do, I’ll be sure to contact you guys to find out what I should do while I’m there!

    Have fun in Central America and hope to hear from you when you come back!

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