Weekend Roadtrip to Outer Banks


Marc and I finally made it to the Outerbanks (OBX), which allowed us to cross it off our “30 places before 30 bucket list.” We left Charlotte on a Friday morning and managed to make it to OBX by mid-afternoon. Here’s the mixed review.

The stay. Oasis Suites is a charming little boutique hotel with panoramic waterfront views. I truly enjoyed my stay, but there’s practically a rolling list of reasons why we’d never write an “excellent” review for the hotel. Here it goes:

  • Its proximity to a really busy road makes traffic noise slightly annoying. The website actually says, “Welcome to the Oasis Suites, located on the Nags Head Causeway.” They’re not kidding; it’s truly on the causeway. It’s also right on the water, so it’s an awful/awesome location.
  • We weren’t big fans of the actual town of Nags Head and the touristy feel that penetrated it.
  • We waited in the lobby for 5-10 minutes before we were greeted.
  • We felt a bit jaded that the amenities mentioned on the website weren’t available to us. The hot tub wasn’t operating, which was quite disappointing. They also mentioned the availability of grills on the website, which either don’t exist or we overlooked them.
  • We had to call to ask for another toilet paper roll since the “accommodating housekeeping team” didn’t bother to restock it.
  • Water flooded the bathroom floor every time we took a shower.

There were also good things about our stay so, to be fair, here’s the list of things we liked:

  • Gorgeous waterfront view and small private balcony.
  • Gazebo.
  • Spotless room.
  • Full kitchen.
  • Staff mailed me the clothes I left behind and I received them within a few days (I, of course, paid for the postage). It was still good customer service, though.

The meal. After we settled into Oasis Suites, Marc and I headed out to dinner. We didn’t research where to eat, which landed us at Ocean Boulevard Bistro and Martini Bar. We were the first patrons to arrive and since we were the only couple dining, we assumed the service would be stellar. We were let down in a huge way. The waitress had a nasty attitude toward us (we felt like age discrimination was at play) and she simply never made us feel like appreciated patrons. For that reason, I tipped her something like 10-15% which I absolutely never do. She rubbed me the wrong way. Also, for being a white table cloth restaurant, I was disappointed with my meal, as well.

The fun. Marc and I woke up on Saturday and drove South toward Cape Hatteras. We climbed the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in America, which was approximately 12 stories high. The view from the top was stunning, so I’m definitely glad we paid the money and took the time to climb it. We also did some other sightseeing, but nothing too noteworthy.

The big let down. After admiring the lighthouse and surrounding area, we headed further South to check out the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” I hate to be negative, but I truly felt like this attraction wasn’t worth the drive and I doubt I could even get a history buff disagree with me.  Marc and I were deeply disappointed. It was basically a small museum with little to see.

The fitness. The whole reason why we went on a weekend getaway to the OBX was so I could run in my first half marathon, the Flying Pirate Half Marathon. We woke up on Sunday to pouring down rain. I almost backed out of the race due to the rain and a small injury, but Marc provided me with the encouragement I needed to to accomplish the goal I had set out to reach. I completed my first half marathon in 2:12:24 and enjoyed experiencing OBX by foot. The course was a mixture of residential neighborhoods, pathways, roads, and muddy trails. It was great to have the support of the locals during the run. Their cheerleading seriously gave me the energy to keep running.


The lessons learned. We won’t stay in Nags Head if we visit OBX again. Instead, we’ll opt for a hotel or beach house in Duck since that was our favorite area and its more suitable for two yuppies. We’ll still drive, because it’s doubtful we’ll find cheap tickets for air travel.

The missed experience. Due to less than perfect weather for most of the weekend, we weren’t able to drive to Corolla to see the wild horses. We also missed out on the beautiful Currituck Lighthouse. I also felt like I was missing out on all the wind surfing and kite boarding fun.

~ Lyndsi


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