The Canaries: Lanzarote vs. Fuerteventura


21025038As your mind comes around to the idea of escaping off on holiday, whether you just landed from your last holiday yesterday, or you’ve been waiting a while for a getaway, you want it to provide everything that you hold dear.

One such place that can tick all the boxes, holidays in Fuerteventura have a great long list of activities on hand, from dolphin spotting or kite surfing to deep sea fishing and shopping. The beaches are some of the best in Europe with vast expanses of white, silky soft sand that is just perfect to lay on. The sea is irresistible with its cool and crystal clear waves that gently lap the beach. It’s fair to say that this quiet island is perfect for a family getaway.

Fuerteventura is not the only great family holiday that the Canaries can offer, however. Lanzarote holiday deals make this Island a hot bargain for last-minute holiday hunters. Whether you’re sneaking off for a week away or it’s your long-awaited annual vacation, Lanzarote is a slightly more lively island compared to Fuerteventura. The beaches are more reminiscent of its volcanic past and rock formations create interesting walks, often appearing lunar or martian! Although the black sandy beaches of Lanzarote are dominant, there are several white sandy beaches on the North side that give a more luxurious feel to your sun bathing escapades.EUROPE__MEDITERRANEAN_SPAINCONESP_FUERTEVENTURA_CORRALEJO

As with all of the Canaries, there is plenty to see and do. With lovely towns steeped in history and tradition, offering little shops and restaurants with freshly-cooked menu items, it can make for a memorable holiday even before you have been tempted by the activities on offer.

Needless to say, the Canaries have become massively popular thanks to the time and attention the Spanish have lavished on the tourist trade, while keeping the quaint feel to its towns. A family holiday to any of these Islands will keep you coming back year after year.


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