Things To Do In Dublin, Ireland


The original plan for Dublin was for it to be the place for Vikings to settle, but before the Vikings could move to it, the plan changed and the city instead became the Kingdom of Dublin. Dublin is the capital city and the biggest city in the whole country of Ireland.

The name Dublin comes from an Irish word that means “the place of the black pool.” What makes Dublin famous is the fact that there is so much Irish culture and history in the city that is it considered to be the cultural center for all of Ireland. Below are some things to do in the area before you’re searching through Dublin airport hotels and off to your next destination.

Dublin Zoo:

Dublin Zoo first opened on September 1, 1830. By 1840, the zoo featured only 46 mammals and 72 birds that were given by the London Zoo. Also in 1840, the private owners of the Dublin Zoo decided to allow the public to visit one day a week for the price of one penny on Sundays. Today, the Dublin Zoo is dedicated to animal conversation, and all ticket prices go toward the maintaining of the grounds and care of the animals.

Dublin Castle:
Dublin Castle is a very historically significant building that placed a part in the history of Ireland. The castle was first built in 1204, and has been used ever since for various functions including the inauguration of the President of Ireland in 1938. The castle grounds are available for visitors to explore on their own including the chapel, the library, and two museums. The State Apartment is available for touring, but tickets for that tour must be purchased.

Guinness Storehouse:
The Guinness Storehouse is the number one visited place in Dublin. The storehouse will take visitors into the history of Guinness brand and the company. There are seven floors for visitors to explore, and there is also a store that has Guinness brand merchandise. After the tour, visitors of legal drinking age can go to the Gravity Bar, which is on the very top of the building and offers amazing 360 degree views of the Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Kilmainham Gaol:
First built in 1796, the Kilmainham Gaol was built to replace the old jail, which was nothing more than a dungeon that was located right across from the new gaol. For over 128 years, Kilmainham jail housed prisoners. During Ireland’s political struggles, the gaol held the leaders that were fighting for the independence of Ireland. In 1924, Kilmainham gaol no longer held prisoners, and was converted into a museum. Today, there are tours of the gaol available, and there is also an art gallery located on the premises. Anyone that wishes to tour Kilmainham gaol needs to book a tour in advance because the tour has limited space.

Phoenix Park:
Established in 1662, Phoenix Park is one of the largest parks in the country. The park was established by James Butler, who was the Duke of Ormond, and was the representative of King Charles II. The land for the park was to be used as a Royal deer park. However, the size of the park changed when some of the land for the park was used to make a Royal Hospital. Visitors are welcome to visit the park any time they wish, the park is open 24 hours a day.

Time permitting, Trinity College is also a great spot to pass an afternoon on its beautiful campus.


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