Passing Time in Prestwick, Scotland



The name Prestwick is old English for “the farm of the priest.” Prestwick is the located of the oldest Royal Burgh in the country of Scotland, and has existed for over one thousand years. The location of Prestwick is thirty miles south of the city of Glasgow. One thing that has made Prestwick famous is the fact that for it was the home of the first Open Golf Championship from 1860 to 1872.

The waters around Prestwick are known for their healing powers, and rumor has it that Robert the Bruce was cured of leprosy by water from the well at St. Ninians Church, which still exists. For a visitor to Prestwick, there is plenty to both see and do in this UK town.

Blackstone Clydesdales:
Clydesdales are massive horses that are so strong that they are often used to pull things like wagons and fire engines. The Blackstone farm has been the home of the Duncan family since the 1930’s. Anyone that visits the Blackstone farm can learn all about Clydesdale horses, and even get the chance to ride one. Once at the farm, the Duncan family will give everyone the chance to experience what happens on their farm everyday taking care of Scotland’s very own breed of horse.

Rozelle Estate:
Rozelle Estates covers 91 acres of Scottish land and is dedicated to both plants and wildlife. The estate has been open to the public since 1968 for the purposes of recreation. Visitors to the Rozelle Estate can walk through the woods, and see the many ponds that are located on the property. The house on the property, known as Rozelle House, is where the Ayrshire Yeomanry Museum is located, which holds works of art by local artists. Henry Moore, the famous sculptor, also has a collection of sculptures located on the Rozelle Estate.

Prestwick Golf Club:
Prestwick was where the Open Championship Golf Championship first began, and the game took place at the Prestwick Golf Club. The club first opened in 1851, and the membership at the time was a total of 57 members. Visitors who love golf can check out the place where the game of golf began, and even get their chance to play a few rounds of golf in this very famous golf course.

The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory:
The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory opened in 2012, and sits on top of a hill overlooking the Galloway Forest Park. Inside the observatory, there are two telescopes, a 20 inch one, and a 14 inch one. A visitor that wants to see the Scottish sky by night has to book with the observatory. There is a planetarium also on the premises that shows a number of films at different times.

Portencross Castle:
Portencross Castle has been around since the 13th century. Standing on the west coast of Scotland, the castle is known to be the burial ground of a number of kings of Scotland. Visitors can go to the castle to tour it, but the times to visit the castle are limited. Because of its age, the castle is currently undergoing reconstruction, which means it has limited openings to the public. However, during the summer, the castle is open every day from July to August.


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