Things To Do In Bristol, UK



Bristol is located in South West England. The population of Bristol is estimated at between 400 thousand and half a million people. Bristol is the sixth biggest city in England, and the eighth biggest city in the entire United Kingdom. Close to Bristol is the River Avon, and the water from this river goes into Bristol Channel.

When it comes to what Bristol is known for, the whole area is known to be the cultural center in England, and is also known for its job opportunities and education. For anyone planning a trip to Bristol, knowing the best things to do there will make the visit all the more fun for everyone.

Bristol Harbour:

Bristol Harbour has existed since the 13th century, and at one time, was located in the center of the city of Bristol. Originally named the Port of Bristol, the harbor is today the location of many things to do in Bristol including museum, art galleries, and bars. The old warehouses in the harbor were converted into attractions that bring millions of visitors to it every year.

The S.S. Great Britain:

The S.S. Great Britain is a steamship that took passengers between Bristol and New York. The ship was built in 1843, and at the time, she was the largest steamship on the water. However, by 1846, the owner of the ship was forced out of business, and the ship was sold as scrap. However, by 1881, the ship was converted to use sails, and she began a whole new life. Today, the S.S. Great Britain is docked in Bristol Harbor, and is a museum that is open 362 days a year

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery:

The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is a free museum that is run by the city council of Bristol. The collection of artifacts at the museum includes items from Egypt, and other countries around the world. There is also a gallery within the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery that is designed for children. The museum features a section dedicated to natural science, which includes a section with dinosaurs.

Clifton Suspension Bridge:

Spanning thee Avon Gorge, the Clifton suspension bridge is one of the most popular attractions in Bristol. Built in 1864, the bridge was the dream of a man named Isambard Brunel, but he died before the bridge could be finished. Today, between 11 and 12 thousand cars drive across the Clifton suspension bridge every single day.

Blaise Castle:

Blaise Castle was made famous by the renowned author Jane Austen. Austen mentioned Blaise Castle in her book, Northanger Abbey. The castle was built in the course of two years between 1796 and 1798. The first owner of Blaise Castle was a man named John Harford, who was a banker and merchant. Today, Blaise Castle is a museum that showcases the mansion and over 400 acres of land.


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