Tips for Spending a Summer in Belfast, Ireland



Belfast is the biggest city in Northern Ireland. With a population of over 280 thousand people, Belfast is also the most populated city in Northern Ireland. The word Belfast means Beal Feirste, which translates to mouth of the sandbanks. Belfast is also known as the place that built the RMS Titanic, and many other famous ships were also built in this city. Because of the RMS Titanic, many people have begun to visit Belfast to see what the second largest city in the county of Ireland has to offer.

Grand Opera House:

The Grand Opera House has been opened in Belfast since 1895. For fans of the theatre, the Grand Opera House is still in use today, and puts on many productions every year. There are currently five productions that are going on during the summer months, and the ticket prices range from £5.50 to £44.75 depending on which production will be seen.

Titanic Belfast Museum:

The Titanic Belfast Museum opened its doors in 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic sinking. The museum is considered to the largest museum for the Titanic, and there are many attractions that take visitors on a tour of the construction, the sailing, and the sinking of the biggest ship in the world. After touring the exhibits, visitors can then stop in the gift shop to purchase many Titanic products including fudge.

Belfast Zoo:

The Belfast Zoo is the home of a rare species of squirrel known as the red squirrel. The zoo features three red squirrels that have been there since 2012. The zookeepers are looking into relocation the squirrels to new home where they will be involved in the first ever breeding project to help increase the number of red squirrels in the United Kingdom. Other than the red squirrel, the Belfast Zoo is home to many animals, and during the summer months, visitors are allowed to feed the animals during designated times.

Mount Stewart:

Mount Stewart was once the home of Edith, Lady Londonderry. Lady Londenderry was into plant life, and transformed the gardens of her home into an area to experiment with plants. Because of Belfast’s mild climate, the plants that were planted in the gardens flourished. The rest of the area is modeled after an Italian villa, and there are plants from every corner of the globe located in the gardens. During the summer months, there are different areas of Mount Stewart open including the formal garden, the house itself, and the lakeside garden.


For visitors to Belfast who want to explore the great outdoors, there is Cavehill. The hill itself is a giant basalt rock that is said to resemble the nose of Napoleon Bonaparte. Visitors can hike up to the top of Cavehill, and can see many things from it including the city of Belfast, and the Isle of Man when the weather is clear.


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