Things To Do Around Las Vegas



Las Vegas hardly needs an introduction but anyone traveling to the city would certainly need a little information about what can be and should be done while you are here. The strip or the boulevard and the casinos are too well known but there are many other things to do around Las Vegas apart from gambling.

If you haven’t been to the strip before and haven’t gambled much then you should have a budget in mind before you enter any of the casinos or clubs. This is just a tip for anyone who wishes to avoid hiring a debt consolidation company and those who intend not to live in penance for a while after the holiday.

Las Vegas is gifted with the unique topography, natural landscapes and wonders of Nevada. While there may not be a snowy mountain or a beach among the places to go to and things to do around Las Vegas, there are many unique hotspots.

First, you should start from the strip, explore it well and then move on beyond the city limits. You may want to start with a visit to the Bellagio Fountains followed by three hours at Cirque du Soleil and end up eating some amazing designer foods that is a specialty in the city.

Second, you should visit the Shark Reef Aquarium, hop on a roller coaster ride, indulge in some pampering at a spa, explore the downtown area and then hit one or more of the many clubs. Something else you cannot miss out on is the Grand Canyon and it is one of the first things to do in Las Vegas. Helicopter Tours over the grand canyon is one of the major attractions to the area for those not drawn to the nightlife or gambling.

Most of the things to do around Las Vegas would need you to get away from the strip and there is a lot to explore. Five places that you must head to are the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. You may wish to have a day out or a few hours at the Lake Mead National Recreational Area.

There is plenty of adventure that you can indulge in while exploring Las Vegas. You may take a jump off the Stratosphere Tower, go for a hike in the Valley of Fire, go kayaking in the Colorado River, play a round of golf at Angel Park, ride a cycle around Red Rock Canyon, swing away zip-lining in Bootleg Canyon, take a cruise on Lake Mead or race a dune buggy in the desert.


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