Touring Australia From Sydney To Perth



Road trips are very common in Australia. People love the outdoors, the sun, the surf and albeit the drives. Travel bugs would always want to travel to distant cities and places on road. The reason why distance has to be brought into contention is because Sydney and Perth are exactly on opposite coastlines of the mainland. A drive from Sydney to Perth can be exhilarating. The experience can be amazing if you plan well but it can also be tiring and exhaustive if you do not have the right plan.

The very first thing you have to decide on, which is also the most important aspect, is the route that you would take. There are two popular routes that people take. One is almost a straight line from Sydney to Perth, through the inlands and outback. The other popular route for luxurious Australian tours is along the coastline.

The first route is shorter and thus quick. It saves fuel and will be over at least a couple of days prior to what you would take if you embark on the coastal route. However, the second route or the roads along the coastline, across New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia would be more fun. There are numerous things to do and see on this route. There are dozens of towns and cities where you can stopover, have a short getaway and you can explore a lot of what the natural wonders down under have to offer.

The inland route is not exciting. It doesn’t have many major towns or cities. You would be driving through the outback and mostly barren lands, deserts and semi arid regions. You wouldn’t get many hotels or even motels. Mostly, you would get roadhouses and small cabins which are anything but luxurious. You may miss the luxury of hotels and good diners or eateries along the inland route.

With the coastal route there are no such challenges. You would have no dearth of choices to stopover and every few hours you would have a luxurious hotel, a nice restaurant and some things to do. More importantly, you would enjoy some breathtaking sights, right from the Twelve Apostles to whale watching, Lakes Entrance, Adelaide, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln and Kau Nature Reserve among others.

If you wish to enjoy a luxurious and satiating trip from Sydney to Perth then you ought to take the Princes Highway and hit the Great Ocean Road.


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