Tantalising Turkey – A Few Reasons to Visit


The Blue Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey
Choosing a holiday this summer is never an easy task, but if you’re looking for somewhere that will offer you a mix of rich history, fascinating culture and beautiful weather, then look no further than Turkey.

It is a huge country, spread over 300, 000 square miles, meaning there is an array of things to see and do. If you’re still wondering it’s all about however, then here a few reasons why this beautiful country is for you. Before you go, don’t forget to do research online and book holidays to turkey 2013 by Travel Republic or similar such sites.


It’s been said before, but it’s a poignant observation: Turkey where Europe and Asia meet culturally, spiritually and architecturally. There is no end to the beautiful old buildings that can be found all over the country, including the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and the ancient Greek Acropolis of Pergamum. For those who are looking to see some historic landmarks, Turkey offers a number of potential visiting spots that reflect the land’s vast cultural heritage.


There is one word that you need to know when talking about real Turkish food, and that is ‘Meze’. This style of service is a Middle Eastern and Balkan tradition, and offers a large array of small dishes for you to get stuck into. You can find delicious dishes across the country but for a wide variety in a concentrated place, Istanbul is hard to beat.

Traditional Turkish Meze dishes include sliced melon, artichokes, beyaz peynir cheese, hummus, Kofte meatballs and a huge range of new alternatives that give Turkish cuisine a modern twist. You will no doubt be spoilt for choice by Turkey’s incredible food selection and the exceptional hospitality you experience.


It doesn’t all have to be about a sense of exploration and finding cool little restaurants to hang out in. For those of you who wish to, you can just lie back, put your feet up and enjoy Turkey’s incredible natural surroundings. There are plenty of long sandy beaches for those who wish to spend their time in the sun. Not to mention the world renowned Turkish baths, or ‘Hammam’, which offer treatments such as massage, exfoliation and detoxification.

These clean and hygienic spas are the perfect way to let go of all worries and reach a tranquil state in this historic land.

Overall, Turkey’s diverse cultural landscape offers various experiences for whatever sort of holiday you’re after. You can pick and choose different aspects, but Club Meds all inclusive holidays to Turkey offer a great base. Not only can you enjoy the relaxing features of Turkish culture, but you’ll still be close to sites and places to explore, if the spirit of adventure takes you.


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