Sights to See in London, England



After negotiating a career break with your employer, you are set to go on six month odyssey through the most stylish, hip, storied, and elegant continent on this planet – Europe.  This land mass has thousands of years of history just waiting to be explored, decadent food to be savoured, and modern avant garde attractions to be appreciated.

To begin this epic trip of a lifetime though, you need a starting point.  After much deliberation, you have chosen London, former centre of the civilized world as recently as 80 years ago.  With baited breath, you await your departure to the Big Smoke, but alas, you are still a little confused about which sights to hit during your weeklong stay in the capital of the United Kingdom.

Worry not however, as Two Yuppies and a Passport is proud to bring you some unmissable highlights of the Greater London area.  So follow along and learn about some excellent places to kick off your voyage to the Old World in the most righteous of ways.

When you are in London though, you’ll need a relaxing home base from which to recover from your extensive days of intensive sightseeing.  For those that desire a hotel with accents from Victorian times, may we suggest you park your suitcase at The Milestone, just across the street from Kensington Palace? When you’re not relaxing in your atmospheric room, enjoy afternoon tea by the fire, or get in your aerobic workout in the resistance swimming pool in the basement. You may wish to browse further as there are plenty of hotels near UK towns.

Looking for something modern and new?  myhotel Bloomsbury mixes an Eastern aesthetic with 21st century modernity with its surreal design.  This hip hotel boasts its own library for guests, an “energy zone” in their fitness facilities, as well as a 24 hour bar to cater to your needs for libations at any hour. For further properties that will meet your refined tastes, look into hotels by StarStay or other websites of that nature.

After resting up at your accommodation of choice, it’s time hit the streets of London in pursuit of the best sights it has to offer.  Start with the British Museum, located on Great Russell Street.  With over 8 million records in its collection, this building stands as the single greatest monument to human culture, documenting it from the earliest record of civilization to the present day.

Next on your cultural hit list should be the National Gallery.  This commanding presence in Trafalgar Square contains the works of art made by some of the best artists in history, including pieces by Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Renoir.  Better yet, you can splurge on some wine and cheese afterwards to end the afternoon perfectly, as entry to the National Gallery is free of charge!

Finally, you wanted to see some classic plays written by William Shakespeare, in the theatre where the bard himself once paced back and forth nervously, before the premiere of another one of his masterpieces of performance art.  The Shakespeare Globe Theatre is situated in Southwark, and is a reconstruction of the original structure, destroyed by fire and then demolished in the 17th century.   The storied building has capacity for 3,000 people, so gasp in horror along with other fine arts enthusiasts as Lady MacBeth does the unthinkable, or (SPOILER ALERT) as Romeo and Juliet die in each other arms.

The culturally attuned traveler will find much to keep themselves busy and occupied in the heart of one of Europe’s most important cities.  London possesses much history, intrigue, and modern delights, so be sure to start your trip here on any sojourn to the Old World!


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