Flashpacker Friendly Beaches In Sri Lanka



Ever since its generation long civil war ended a few years ago, the first intrepid travelers to head into this largely unexplored territory came home with tales of beaches as fabulous as many world leading strips of sand elsewhere in the world.  While many of us were undoubtedly excited by these reports, those of us that wish to avoid grubby backpacker accommodations were wondering aloud, is there anywhere stylish, clean and connected to stay?

With the growth of Sri Lankan tourism exploding in recent years, the answer to that question is an emphatic “yes”!  There are many excellent beachside pads that will allow to enjoy the charms and underutilized oceanside treasures of Sri Lanka without having to endure the prospect of unwieldy looking straw huts in order to do so.  With that concern allayed, let’s talk about some flashpacker friendly beaches in Sri Lanka, shall we?

1) Unawatuna – The most recognizable name in Sri Lankan beach resorts these days, Unawatuna is the village that you’ll want to head for if you desire a well-established resort area, without sacrificing the charm of a small community.  Hotels like The Fortress Hotel and Spa await with uber stylish dining opportunities, posh guest rooms, and a hip hotel bar where you can enjoy an excellent sundowner drink.  As for the area itself, the coast is fringed with beautiful coral reefs that are ripe for exploration; see tour operators in-town for diving and snorkeling packages that will get you out into the water searching for Nemo.

2) Marawila – This spot is much quieter, owing to its long-running identity as a fishing village, but that hasn’t stopped some resorts from setting up shop in this tranquil community. Club Palm Bay Hotel is an amazing hotel that you’ll want to stalk on Agoda for a rack rate sale, as it personifies the five star beach resort experience.  It boasts a massive outdoor pool, complete with an attentive bar for your libation needs, a tricky golf course for those who like to swing the clubs on vacation, as well as prime frontage on a beach that stretches for miles, allowing for a private experience on the beach that simply isn’t possible at the busier beach resorts in other countries.

3) Negombo – Don’t want to be hassled with a long arduous journey from the airport in Colombo, but at the same time want an outstanding beach destination with most of the urban conveniences?  Then Negombo will prove to be an excellent choice, as this city offers all the services of a built-up area, while catering to tourists on its soft, long white sand beach.  Jet Wing Blue Hotel is our choice for this destination, serving excellent food, providing the tender loving care you deserve at its relaxing spa, and offering access to Negombo Beach, with a pristine pool available for those who prefer not to feel the sand between their toes.

While Sri Lanka is still an emerging destination on the global tourism scene, it has some of the world’s best beaches along its spacious coast.  With posh resorts opening up to match the splendour of its beaches, flashpacking travelers are certain to enjoy their time in this fascinating country, while having a clean and civilized place to lay their heads at night.


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