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Buying A Condo In Thailand



Throughout your 20’s, you traveled the world like it was your job, covering many of the hotspots in various popular regions around the world, as well as some that were off-the-beaten track.  Now that you are in your early 30’s, you have begun to pay more attention to your career, developing a business or growing into a position with a company where you are able to do your job remotely. Read the rest of this entry


Top 5 Ways to Make Travelling Easier



Travel is an often unwanted requirement associated with booking holidays or business trips. Our minds can easily drift to how we will spend the time away, rather than how we will get there and back in the first place. Unorganised travel plans can have detrimental effects on both the trip and your state of mind so it is advisable to make them as efficient as possible. Here are five top ways to make travelling easier: Read the rest of this entry

Tips For Your Very First Safari



So this is your first safari! We are excited for you. We imagine you can’t wait, but you’re also feeling a tad nervous. You learn the ins and outs of safari by experiencing it, so it’s hard for a neophyte to prepare. We’ve got a few tips from our own safari trips to help you out! Read the rest of this entry

Best Glamping Experiences In Africa



As a child, you always enjoyed getting out of the crowded, noisy city and out into the peaceful, serene wild, where the endless wonders of nature stoked your imagination and curiosity.  Nowadays, after building a successful career/business with your partner, you still love to getaway to where the wild things are, but now that you have money to play with, the recent trend of glamping has caught your attention.

You have both already booked a trip to Africa for several weeks next year, and now you are pondering: are there options to camp in luxury, amongst the elephants, zebras, and the gazelles?  The answer to this question is yes, as many savvy tourism operators have added this trendy offering to their packages.

There are three places on this vast, wildlife-friendly continent that are ahead of the game and possess some of the best glamping experiences in Africa.  Let’s take a look at them now:

1) South Africa – South Africa, being the most developed country on the entire continent, offers a wide array of glamping experiences, from stylish camps in the Kruger Game Reserve to funky Airstream trailers on the top of the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town.  But what has caught our eye is a treehouse retreat in the Western Cape region called Teniqua Treetops.  Located along the famous Garden Route scenic highway, this rustic getaway features accommodation that places you among the top of the tree canopy here, where the butterflies dance and songbirds sing their beautiful refrain.  The facilities here allow for self-catering if you elect to cook your own meals, and in accordance with eco-friendly standards, linens are changed every four days (unless you request it done more often).

2) Tanzania – Lovers of safari should run and not walk to the Serengeti Migration Camp for an unforgettable glamping experience in Tanzania.  Located in the midst of the most travelled overland migration route in the world, glampers are virtually ensured multiple animal sightings throughout their stay here.  Enjoy a romantic dinner prepared just for you and your loved one in your own tent, then join your fellow guests in the communal area.  This area boasts leather couches and a pool, giving you bragging rights with your friends back home – after all, how often do you get to watch a rhino tramp by whilst cooling your toes in a deliciously cool pool?

3) Namibia – In the arid desert climate of Namibia, there are many options available to luxuriate in the great outdoors, with the Windhoek Game Reserve having several operators that have eco-friendly facilities.  Enjoy sundowner drinks from bar of such a set of huts, located on the side of the Naukluft Mountains.  Afterwards, enjoy the view of the Milky Way Galaxy, unencumbered by the light pollution of the city, or head over to the communal cinema for to watch a recent movie, complete with surround sound.  Then retire to your room, while being partly exposed to the outdoor elements (the roof and mosquito net keeps out the bad things), it still retains a touch of luxury, with top of the line finishings in your bedroom and in the en suite bathroom.

Camping in Africa doesn’t have to be a dirty and uncomfortable affair.  Through glamping, you can get closer to nature than you would with a hotel, while still enjoying most of the luxuries that a resort offers its patrons.