Sports Travel Packing Tips for Athletes



Whether your activity of choice is football or rugby, you want to be prepared for the aftermath, when you’re stuck on a bus, up to your neck in mud and starving hungry. Depending on the length of your journey and your sport of choice, you will pack different items.

At the end of the day, going on a sports tour for any prolonged period of time takes some serious packing forethought.

We’re here not to tell you what to pack but how to pack it.


If you haven’t heard of staging before, you haven’t been packing right. Instead of just chucking things into a bag, you should try to lay everything you need out on the floor. Sit for a while and consider the length of your journey and what you hope to accomplish – you may want to have a nice cup of tea while you ponder this. Do you have everything you need or have you over packed?

Only after you’ve assessed your equipment, should you then bag it up – try to remove as much as possible, to keep your luggage light weight. Make use of all the space available. For example, you should be stashing any socks into your shoes to create more space in your bag.


Yup, that old chestnut. Make a list, so you don’t forget those annoying little things that we all seem to leave behind (and only realise that we have when it’s way too late to go back). Pay special attention to the important things you always need to take with you, such as medication and phone chargers.

Roll your clothing into cigar-like units. This helps with seamless packing and prevents creases. To stop small items from disappearing into the depths of your bag, use ziplocks or drybags to keep all your tidbits in the right place.

Check the Weather

Although, more often than not, the forecast lets us down, if you’re going to rainy Wales, don’t just take a pair of sunnies with you. Consider the climate of each destination and pack accordingly. That can mean remembering your waterproofs or your flip-flops, depending on where you’re going. Packing is never ‘one size fits all’ – you have to tailor it to your location.


If you’re touring for more than one day, you’re going to need some clothes to tide you by, while you’re off the pitch. Always choose outfits that you can mix and match. Don’t construct a full ensemble for each day – pack light for convenience instead. Choose lightweight layers that can be easily added or removed with changes in temperature.


Although you should certainly avoid carrying too much in your bag or suitcase, you’ll be sorry if you don’t pack home comforts for the journey. This might be a MP3 player full of your favourite tunes or a good book (if you don’t get travel sick). Pack in a range of snacks and treats, as well as a reasonably large bottle of water.


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