Top 5 Ways to Make Travelling Easier



Travel is an often unwanted requirement associated with booking holidays or business trips. Our minds can easily drift to how we will spend the time away, rather than how we will get there and back in the first place. Unorganised travel plans can have detrimental effects on both the trip and your state of mind so it is advisable to make them as efficient as possible. Here are five top ways to make travelling easier:

Perhaps the most obvious way to improve the overall experience of a journey is to upgrade your tickets to first or business-class. In relation to flying in particular the improvements over a number of areas are highly beneficial. More spacious and comfortable seating is an obvious advantage whilst better quality service and food will also be offered. On top of this, priority boarding and luxury departure lounges make the whole experience easier. If travelling by train, first-class carriages are less busy and have larger seating areas, allowing you to relax or get in with work whilst in transit.

There is more to read about upgrading, including how to get it cheaper online:

How to get a free flight upgrade
Flight upgrade secrets

Plan Efficiently
Planning your trip carefully beforehand will reduce the stress of long-distance journeys considerably. In many cases, the cheapest travel and accommodation option is not necessarily the most desirable to book. For example, flying from an airport further away from your location may be less expensive but the initial travel there in the first place can be physically and mentally demanding. Likewise, think of where your accommodation should be in relation to the airport; a cheaper option further away may actually cost you extra to reach it in a taxi.

Air Miles
How easy would it be to not worry about the cost of your travel at all? This is possible by redeeming air miles points, a scheme offered by airlines that reward regular flyers. In simple terms, the more you fly with a certain company, the more points you will earn with them. These points can be transferred to pay a contribution or fully towards a new flight. Frequent flyer programmes allow passengers more money to spend on their holiday rather than the travel itself.

Read more about airmiles and incentives from SACP on their website.

Pack Light
Cramming as many items into a suitcase or travel bag is a common scene in households before families embark on a holiday. Although preparation is key to a successful holiday, we often overdo it and pack too many things we don’t actually need. This means that lugging extra heavy suitcases into vehicles, around airports and up flights of stairs only becomes more difficult. Stay efficient with what you pack and remember that many smaller items can be purchased when you are at your destination.

Lonely Planet ‘one-bag-only’ packing guide.

Travel Accessories
Although some people may find them tedious and unwarranted, there are countless amounts of nifty travel accessories designed to make trips easier. These include roll-up travel chargers, blow-up pillows and compression packs. For electronic items there are many utility chargers on the market for all types of devices. For long-distance journeys, keeping yourself entertained with these mod cons or simply a good book will make the trip seem shorter also.


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