Thrilling Theme Parks In Orlando



You’re about to take your family on a legendary vacation to the theme park hub of Orlando, Florida, and you’re excited.  You’ll be getting away from the stubborn cold that refuses to let go after a few long months of winter thus far, and your kids will get to play every day at a plethora of theme parks.

Despite your plans to take your kids to Walt Disney World, if you end up getting dragged to “It’s A Small World After All” each day for two weeks, you might just lose your mind.  Thankfully, there’s much more on offer than Disney-themed parks in the Orlando area, as there are a variety of brands to both entertain and educate you and your rambunctious children.

There are three parks in particular that we will highlight today, but before we begin, who LOVES to stand in line for tickets when the heat index is hitting 35 degrees and above?  Nobody, what’s who!  Before leaving your home to head off to the airport, be sure to make good use of internet booking sites to pre-order popular Orlando park tickets, so you can just stroll up to admission gates, and be on your way to a day of fantastic entertainment!

With that advisory out of the way, let’s talk about some awesome non-Mickey Mouse associated options…

1) Universal Studios

Being one of the largest film studios in the world, Universal knows a thing or two about making movie magic happen. At its Orlando location, you can actually watch some films in mid-production, which is something that doesn’t go on at Disney’s movie theme park anymore. Rides are constructed to make patrons feel like they’re inside a movie, making for a fun experience for those who are enthusiastic big-budget cinema fans!

2) SeaWorld

Part amusement park, and part aquarium, Sea World is a place that will thrill those that have an affinity for the creatures of the deep. Have sensitive electronics?  Don’t sit within the splash zone during one of the live shows at Shamu stadium, where their famous killer whales send water flying from the tank up into the first eighteen rows or so. Fans of roller-coasters will want to take a shot at taming the Kraken, one of Sea World’s most thrill-inducing rides that will twist you inside and out with corkscrews, vertical loops, and zero G-rolls!

3) Wet ‘n Wild

While this park was acquired by Universal Studios in 1998, it was initially its own standalone water park, so we will discuss it separately here. Wet n’ Wild offers the overheated holidaying family blessed relief from the relentless Florida humidity with a variety of aqua-based attractions. Those that love funnel-based slides will be in heaven here, as there are no less than four of these attractions that spin you around as if you were in a giant toilet bowl (only it’s a lot cleaner!)

Those that have a totally rational fear of giant cartoon mice will not have to feel left out of family fun in the Orlando area.  With plenty of non-Disney parks to go around, you can find excitement in many other places across urban Central Florida!


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