Three Awesome River Cruises In Europe



Over the past decade, after getting your foot in the door as an intern at your company (read: glorified latte fetcher), your career has advanced to the point where you are making a very respectable sum of money for the value you create on the job. To get to this point, you’ve had to sacrifice a lot: working until 10 in the evening, attending evening classes to stay on top of your field, and most of all, foregoing vacations to propel your rocket ship to the higher echelons of the corporate world.

However, as you drift towards the midway pole in your life, you’ve begun to realise that supressing your desire for travel can only hurt you in the long run.  You need to take time for your enrichment, before it’s too late.

The finer things in life have always aroused your interest, so you will be pointing your wanderlust compass squarely towards the Old World, as you have hatched a plan to go on a European river cruise in 2014.

Here’s the problem: which itinerary should you choose?  To aid you in your journey of discovery, we have posted additional information on three trendy river routes that are hot this year.

Check them out below, starting with…

1) Danube River

Starting in the hip Hungarian city of Budapest, Danube River cruises will transport you through Central Europe straight into the heart of the Balkans. Before boarding the ship, take some time to soak in the opulent mineral springs of one of the famous baths of Budapest … if you don’t feel like a million bucks afterwards, we wouldn’t know what to tell you! Along the course of your cruise, Vienna will likely figure in your plans, allowing you to experience some quality opera along the way as well!

2) Rhine River

After walking along the canals of Amsterdam and taking in attractions like the Anne Frank Museum for the first couple of days after landing in Europe, your cruise will begin to slip down the historic Rhine River towards the Germanic heartland. Over the course of your explorations within Germany, take in countless castles, cathedrals, medieval town squares, and war-related historic sites covering the tragic century of warfare that happened here twice in the past 100 years.

3) Douro River

If the stereotypical standard European river cruises have you rolling your eyes, then you are likely looking for something distinctive. If that’s the case, then maybe an adventure on the Douro River would be more your speed. It’s described as Portugal’s river of gold, as it passes through the wine country of this tiny nation on the Iberian Peninsula.

Most tour companies will have you fly into Lisbon, where after one or two days of sightseeing, you’ll be transported in buses to Porto, where your river journey will begin. Ancient cities, monasteries, and gallons of delicious wine will define your trip on this little-known but eventful waterway.

Make this the year that you start making room in your life for travel.  By going on trips like river cruises every so often, you will inject badly-needed inspiration into your profession, and will improve your overall enjoyment of your existence exponentially!


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