The Ultimate Guide To Orlando’s Disney Theme Parks



After working hard all last year to save up enough money, you and your thrilled kids are ready for the ultimate family vacation.  This spring, you plan on visiting what is said to be the happiest place on Earth, the Disney theme parks located just outside of Orlando, Florida in the United States.  However, this place just isn’t Walt Disney World, as they have built four other parks in addition to that classic concept that has proven very successful over the years.

From thrilling rides to an active movie studio that you can tour, as well as an incredibly exciting water park, the Disney family of resorts is a tour de force that will keep all of you occupied from the start of your trip to the end.  Don’t spend your precious time in ticket lines though!  By harnessing the power of the internet, you can acquire Orlando park tickets for the whole family with a few clicks of your mouse before leaving your house on a family adventure of a lifetime…!

Magic Kingdom

This is where the magic began for this empire of theme parks in the heart of Central Florida. Containing iconic rides like Space Mountain, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and of course, the Spinning Teacups, visiting here should take up the first couple of days that you spend at Walt Disney World.

EPCOT Centre

Referred to as a permanent World’s Fair, EPCOT Centre is a theme park dedicated to human progress and the celebration of world cultures. All around this complex are pavilions that feature exhibits and rides that highlight the features of various nations around the world, as well as exhibitions that cover various scientific and industrial disciplines.

Food and drink from corresponding parts of the world are present in their pavilions, and a fireworks and light show often goes at night, making this park a must-see for inquisitive minds!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Changing its name from Disney MGM Studios in 2008, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a theme park for movie aficionados. Initially starting life as a production complex in part in addition to being a theme park, Disney’s Hollywood Studio is strictly a place for rides and fun stuff these days, though live shows featuring actors from Disney productions still feature as a central attraction here.

Rides are cinematically inspired, and experiences include a Jedi training academy and even a American Idol mock audition that can win you a front of the line pass to the real thing!

Blizzard Beach

Is the punishing humidity of Orlando getting you down halfway through your trip?  Then a day spent splashing in the refreshing waters of Blizzard Beach in definitely in order. The older kids (and the grown up one you are married to) will be chomping at the bit to test their nerves on Summit Plummet, one of the steepest, scariest water slides on Earth, while those looking to relax a bit will take to Cross Country Creek readily, as it is a lazy river that circles the park.  Don ‘t relax too much, though, lest ice cold water streams from the ceiling of the “ice cave” will shock you straight back to reality!

Animal Kingdom

This park, though it is one of the lesser known Disney parks, is freaking huge, so don’t be fooled by its low profile.  Standing as the 2nd largest theme park in the world by area, Animal Kingdom’s central mission is the conservation of animal species, as well as education that aids with this worthy cause.

Though some may be turned off by zoos, this park meets or exceeds high global standards in all categories in which it has been evaluated. Sections for Africa and Asia contain many animals that are in danger of extinction in the wild, with breeding programs in place to aid their eventual recovery.

The Walt Disney World complex is a gargantuan undertaking for even the most ambitious traveling families out there, so take your time when you visit this magical place.  Two weeks should allow plenty of time for the formation of memories that will likely prove to be one of the highlights of the childhood of your children!


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