Amazing Filipino Resorts Outside Of Boracay



These days, the Philippines is experiencing a resurgence of interest, largely due to its infectious ad campaign extolling the fun-loving nature of its people, and the many natural wonders contained within its 7,000 islands.

With soaring volcanoes, a cultural heritage that is starkly different than the rest of Southeast Asia, and of course, jealously-inducing beaches , many of which are undiscovered by outsiders, people are starting to stand up and pay attention.

With respect to the last point, many people automatically default to Boracay, the best known beach resort in the country, when the time comes to plan a trip to this string of pearls in the South China Sea.  It is starting to get a bit crowded these days, so those who are truly seeking a peaceful getaway should look to other beach destinations.

Which ones you’re asking?  Because word on alternatives outside of Boracay is scant, it’s easy to draw a blank when considering a different hideout.  As such, this article will uncover some Filipino beach resorts that that will give you the same sense of paradise that Boracay does, minus the massive crowds.

Puerto Galera

Looking for a beach destination that’s a bit of an adventure to reach?  Though Puerto Galera’s many beaches are not easily accessible by air, it’s this lack of ease in travel that has kept development to a lower level than Boracay. After taking a bus/van, and then an outrigger ferry, you’ll arrive on an island with soaring peaks that the clouds cloak on some days, beaches that are more set up for Filipino tourists than foreign ones, and diving/snorkeling that ranks among the best in the world.

El Nido, Palawan

Those looking for some truly epic surrounds should set their sails for El Nido, a beach hideaway cloistered by limestone karsts that is quite deserving of the moniker “paradise”. With eye-popping natural assets, white sand beaches that will turn you into a snob on the subject, and boat trips designed to take you to your own personal spot in the sun, this location is a no-brainer for those looking for an alternative to Boracay.

Siquijor Island

Located off the coast of Dumaguete in the Visayas region of the Philippines, Siquijor island is place that precious few foreigners have heard of, which is surprising given its stunning features. When you tire of soft, powdery white sand beaches and snorkel-friendly waters, waterfalls and villages filled with friendly locals await your wandering feet on these days.

7,000 Islands To Discover

This is only the beginning of your explorations in this under-heralded archipelago, as these beach spots will open your mind to the possibilities here.  If you miss your return flight home and retire quietly to a grassy beach shack, we’ll understand!


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