A Culture Hunter’s Guide to Antalya



With winter finally drawing to a close, the warmth is slowly returning, the days are getting longer, and minds are beginning to drift to what they will do once the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer finally arrive. While those carefree times are still months off in the future, now is when you’ll want to lock in your plans before the crowds sweep away all the great options.

One of the countries up for consideration this go around is the exotic nation of Turkey.  While this nation boasts some of the most eye-popping beaches on the Mediterranean, you just don’t see the appeal of spending your Turkey holidays turning yourself into a leathery lobster day in and out for an entire week.

You definitely want to see this massive nation this summer though, as you love the idea of exploring a country that stands as a transitional zone between the cultures and history of Southern Europe and the Middle East.  Other members of your family do want to spend some time on those splendid beaches, so how do you strike the perfect balance?

Basing yourself in Antalya is the perfect compromise, as its proximity to cultural highlights and a famous beachfront will keep both you and your travel companions happy. Before you book your place via Direct Holidays though, let’s run down some of the best historical and culture-centred attractions that you can find in the Antalya area…

Take a slow stroll thru Kaleiçi

One of the best places within Antalya proper to get a sense of this place’s backstory is to visit Kaleiçi, which is the old quarter of this city.  After walking through Hadrianus Gate, a stone arch that dates back to the Roman era, check out Yivli Minare, which is a mosque that contains a minaret that stands over 125 feet high.

After this, head down to Yat Limanı, which is a fortified Roman port with beautiful stone walls, with yachts sitting in the docks that will inspire yearning for wealth within you.  End your wanderings through Kaleiçi with a visit to Atatürk Evi, which was the former summer home of the first president of Turkey, which will impress with its exquisite internal furnishings!

Admire Aspendos

If you haven’t seen the remnants of a Roman style theatre before, a short trip to Aspendos from Antalya will cross this line item off your bucket list. Largely intact, this open air amphitheatre hosted events in the days of yore, and due to its satisfactory condition, it also hosts performances like operas in the present day as well!

Explore the ancient lost city of Termessos

If aimlessly sauntering through the ruins of a fallen civilization is more your speed, then seeking out the former Roman city of Termessos is a day trip you need to make during your time in the Antalya area. One of the best preserved Roman ruin sites in Turkey, this former outpost sits well up in the mountains, granting views that are just as impressive as the remains of the tombs, theatres and temples that you will be scoping out.

Antalya: More than just beaches

While many destinations get defined solely for the hedonistic pursuits that they may be known for, local people and their descendants also live and have lived here, and they have a story to tell.  By taking time away from the bars and the beaches, you can enrich and pamper yourself all in one go!


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