A Beach Holiday for the History Books In Foca, Turkey



When you traveled extensively together in your backpacker days, you and your partner always sought out culturally interesting destinations above all else.  Bored to tears of the MTV monoculture that seemingly had irradiated life back in the West to a boring, monotonous pattern that was more or less the same no matter where you went there, you both sought out exotic festivals, traditions, and remains of civilizations that were completely alien to your own.

After those days were done, the two of you collectively set your mind to building up your careers to the point where you’ve built a life together that you both take great pride in.  However, while travel temporarily took a back seat to those priorities, the flame never was extinguished.  Now that you’ve accrued a surplus of holiday time from your two jobs, you’re dead set on using them this summer.

While some time on the beach is definitely in order, your culture addiction also needs some feeding, and in that regard, you’ve chosen the town of Foca for your Holidays to Turkey. What are the key highlights that you make time for when you are in this Meditteraean beach haven?  The following points will ensure that you make the most of time in this cosy Turkish town!

Siren Rocks

The islands described as the Siren Rocks in the Greek author Homer’s Oddysey are visible across from Foca’s waterfront.  These were so named as they were rocks where mermaids sang to sailors, causing them to ground their ships in the shallows surrounding the islands.  Today, locals have picnics and relax on the beach present on these picturesque isles.

Genoese Castles

In the Middle Ages, the city state of Genoa built castles in the Foca area to facilitate trade between them and the Ottoman Turks in the region. Bes Kapilar, which is mostly intact and Dis Kale, which is largely in ruins, are two of these outposts. The former castle houses an open air theatre in the present day, which will make for an excellent cultural experience.

Local Masjids

For much of the last millennia, most of Turkey’s population has adhered to Islam as their faith, and those that reside in Foca are no different. The oldest of them, Fatih Mosque at more than 550 years old, bears an inscription from Suleyman the Great, and Kayalar Mosque is made from local rocks in a form that looks most spectacular!

Foca: More Than Just Another Turkish Riviera Beach

Throughout the Turkish Riviera, many decadent beaches can be found, but culture can be sorely lacking at times.  This is not the case in Foca, as its out of the way location allows you to soak in the true nature of life in coastal Turkey.    


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