3 Essential Auckland Attractions For The Dedicated Urbanite



Located on the southeast edge of the world map, New Zealand is an intriguing country, given its location, the scenery that’s found there, and the quirky and friendly characters that call this small island nation home.

While you are looking forward to savouring the views that were made known to the globe at large through The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit series of films, you are a true blue urbanite at heart, and as such, you are naturally wondering if a miniature nation of four million people could possibly have any city charms of any real value.

With roughly half the country residing in the nation’s capital, Auckland contains these qualities in spades, with many museums, urban landmarks, and cosy urban neighbourhoods where surprises lurk around every corner.  To inform you better on these highlights, we have spotlighted three different points of interest that are sure to interest you.

1) Auckland Art Gallery (Toi o Tāmaki)

Featuring the very best of New Zealand’s art, as well as a tasteful selection of art from international sources, Auckland Art Gallery is a place to get in touch with the creative vibe of this laidback nation.  Maori art figures prominently among the pieces, and screenings of New Zealand and foreign films also allow you to enjoy the best of Kiwi and international cinema in addition to the visual art that you will likely spend hours admiring.

2) Sky Tower

Stretching some 328 metres up into the wild blue yonder, Auckland’s Sky Tower holds down the title of being the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere. From the observation deck of this tower, one can see up to eighty kilometres away on a clear day.

If just looking isn’t enough, a guywire-assisted Sky Walk is available, which allows you to stroll along the edge of the Sky Tower in complete safety.  If you still have an appetite after this, a revolving restaurant stands ready to cater to you, offering fine dining and a 360 degree view of the area over the hour that it takes to make a complete revolution.

3) An Afternoon In Devonport

If your caffeine addiction is sinking its claws into while you are in Auckland, satisfy your urge in style by taking a harbour ferry to the historic suburb of Devonport.  After admiring and photographing timeless views from the top deck of your ferry boat, stroll ashore into a neighbourhood that brims with innovative cafes, the personal studios of many local artists, and monuments that detail this area’s interesting marine history.

Auckland: The Urban Heart Of New Zealand

While there is certainly nothing wrong with the rural sights and attractions that has made New Zealand famous, some visitors draw much more energy from urban environments.  Now that you know that Auckland has no shortage of these delights, you can truly begin to get excited for your impending trip to this outstanding country!


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