Top 5 Countries In Which To Live The High Life In 2014



The intrepid traveler is always on the outlook for high value added destinations, where the scenery, food and friendly people make every dollar spent worth so much more than it would be elsewhere. With this in mind, the only thing left to do is point yourself in the direction of a country where you haven’t been before.

While you could just spin the globe and plant your finger on a random nation, save yourself the trouble of landing on Greenland, Siberia, and North Korea over and over again, and let us pick out five countries where you should live the high life in 2014…  Combine this with a stay at an esteemed accommodation provider like Elegant Resorts, and you have the recipe for a holiday that is on level above any other that you’ve spent before.

1) The Maldives

At one point or another during the dour winter we all suffered through together, we searched for tropical deserted island pics on Google Images in an attempt to vicariously escape our frigid hell.  Instead of engaging in the futile art of attempting teleportation, make this the year you finally tread those overwater boardwalk towards your overwater bungalow.  With some of the world’s most delectable scenery surrounding you, island hopping opportunities abound, and the very best in beachfront fine dining awaiting you each evening, there is no excuse to postpone your gratification any longer.

2) Barbados

If you have a taste for Caribbean style rum, then answering the call of Barbados will go a long way towards satisfying it.  Mount Gay is one of the foremost brands of spirits produced in the region, and with guided tours of their distillery available, you’ll be a merry mood when you hit the picture perfect beaches, as Barbados is well known for its crystal white sand and the palms that sway above them.

3) Italy

Of all the nations of Old Europe, perhaps no country nails so many quality of life factors as perfectly as Italy does. From the expertly designed buildings to the passionately cooked food and the laidback romantic nature of its people, you’ll be falling for this country fast.  The dramatic mountains and volcanoes, bucolic countryside, and rugged but serene beaches complete the love affair you’ll have with this nation, which will leave you feeling different towards your home country upon your return.

4) Mauritius

Mostly known about only by South Africans, Mauritius’ secret is getting out to the world fast, and it is for a good reason, as its combination of paradise beaches and awe-inspiring highlands will make a believer out of you as well. Adding to the appeal is the mix of French, African and Indian culture, creating a food scene that will having you craving each meal.

5) South Africa

While South Africa is by far the most developed country on the African continent, the value here strongly resembles the bargains found in the developing world, with deals on food, transport, accommodations and more beating anything comparable in other major economies around the globe.  Insofar as attractions, the safari opportunities here rank among the best in the world, and the beaches are an amazing place to be in the southern summer, where you might share the sand with adorable penguins.

Get out in the world and live your life in 2014

If you’ve been on travel hiatus lately, 2014 is the year to break that streak.  With many emerging countries alongside old favourites in this list, you have plenty of inspiration to get started planning.


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