Doing Aruba In The Off Season



This winter, while your contemporaries were treating themselves to two week tropical getaways, you were busy grinding away building up your career. While the long, dark evenings spent staring out your office window into the polar abyss made you long to join them down south, you stuck to your guns, and you were rewarded for your efforts.

With a well-deserved promotion under your belt, you are looking to celebrate your success. While the summer season is just around the corner, with it comes the potential for energy-sapping humidity, and the specter of stormy days ruining your fun throughout the temperate zones of the world. Where shall you plan your holidays then?

Have you considered Aruba?

This island avoids the downsides of being in the tropics during the wet season, as its position below hurricane tracks and its arid climate insures dry and sunny days during a time of year where most of the region is getting drenched by monsoonal downpours. Yet, traffic to the island is down during the Northern summer along with its wetter contemporaries, leading to some killer holidays being offered by travel providers like Thomas Cook.

With a tropical getaway well within reach to you in the very near future, the only thing left to do is to plot out what to do during your free time. As you will see, Aruba has much in store for the traveler willing to go against the crowds to visit during the slower times of year.

Walk the streets of Oranjestad

Before heading out to see and relax on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, you should make time to stroll the streets of one of the most colorful cities you’ll likely ever visit in your life. Houses painted in cheery pastels and intricately carved stone and wood will greet your eyes, all inspired by Dutch architecture styles that were popular back in colonial times.

Snapping pictures of these gingerbread house-like creations will be much easier without the throngs of people present during the winter, and the shops along the way offer goods from Cuban cigars to Dutch cheeses, making for a productive day all round.

Climb the Haystack

Known in Dutch as Hooiberg (or haystack in English), this volcanic formation stands out like a proverbial sore thumb, as most of the island is relatively flat, except for this massive outcropping of rock. It is the highest point on the island of Aruba, offering a view of the Venezuelan mainland on a clear day, of which there should still be plenty during most of the off-season.

Lay out and relax on Eagle Beach

After exerting yourself climbing up to the roof of Aruba, you’ll want to jump into the refreshing Caribbean Sea ASAP. The best place to do this is at Eagle Beach, located close to the capital of Oranjestad. This special place contains pure white sand and the rugged divi-divi tree along with countless shady palms, which are all factors that have led to it being considered by many travel publications to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Those who find clothes cumbersome will be pleased to know that this beach is one of two nudist beaches on Aruba, allowing you to achieve that tropical glow evenly across your body.

Aruba: ready to cater to your holiday needs, 365 days a year

While most of the tropics are subject to the whims of a dry and wet season, Aruba’s fortunate location behind the Windward Islands have shielded it from the torrent of moisture that soaks the rest of the Caribbean during the Northern summer. As such, if you’re looking for some palm trees to go with your beach holiday this summer, then this place is your ideal destination.


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