Remote Villa Locations Worth Checking Out


After your last experience with mass market tourist destinations, you know that you are ready for something more private, luxurious, and an all-round more relaxing alternative to the mania that exists there. You have the money, so you’re going for it.

Next time you have a craving for an idyllic paradise, you’ll be seeking out your own private villa so you can soak up the atmosphere of these slices of heaven in peace and quiet. The world is a big place though, so you’re having trouble focusing on any one place in particular.

Fortunately for you, we have profiled three special areas in the world where renting a villa in a secluded location will yield you a vacation filled with relaxation, memories, and a taste of the good life that your hard work should be providing you. Let’s go over each in detail now…

1) North Coast of Bali, Indonesia

The harried pace of life on Bali’s south coast can make one wonder if those that sing the praises of this exotic Indonesian island are aware that the paradise they promote has been paved over by touts, ugly concrete developments, and unbearable since their last visit. Good thing that Bali is a big place, as there are countless other locales where the exotic Balinese culture of this corner of Southeast Asia can still be had, along with the slower pace and friendliness of the countryside.

The beaches here are compromised of volcanic black sand, but they are often blessedly empty, and along with lush tropical vegetation, waterfalls, and the fabulous Banjar Hot Springs, staying in a remote villa on the north coast will prove to be one of the better decisions you’ll make in your travelling life.

2) West of Chania, Crete, Greece

Crete has many historical attractions and party hubs, but it also has tracts of remote coast that are unspeakably beautiful. Chania is a manic destination popular with many hardcore partiers, but the coastline west of this mecca will hold the Cretan experience you long for, with quaint Greek harbour towns and villages, some with ruins of which you’ll never have to compete with a fellow tourist to get a clean picture.

3) Pacific Coast along the Costanera Sur Highway, Costa Rica

As recently as a few years ago, access to the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica near Quepos and Dominical, a landscape marked by the precipitous drop of interior mountains straight down from their lofty heights right down to the seashore, was marred by a substandard road. This road would often be severely damaged during monsoon season, cutting off access for days, and even during the dry season, it was slow going on the old pothole rutted road.

With a new road in the area, it has opened up the area to development of remote villas, granting their renters complete seclusion of the stresses of urban life, replaced instead by the distant cry of a howler monkey at worst. If you desire, nearby national parks offer many eco-friendly activities, and the pounding surf at nearby beaches will lead your mind into a zen-like state, which just the kind of reset you so sorely need these days.

Get off the beaten track and you get to relax

If you’re fed up with big name beach resorts that market themselves as a getaway from the stress of everyday life, only to deliver stressful encounters of a different kind, it’s time to get out of these centres and into a villa in more remote areas. Surrounded by luxury, and with small authentic communities being close by, paying that extra bit of cash for this experience will prove to be one of the best travel investments that you will ever make!


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