Do Vegas A Little Differently



With the slew of films that have come out focused around Las Vegas (The Hangover, Last Vegas and not so recently, Viva Las Vegas) it is no surprise that Vegas has stayed as popular as ever.

Popularity makes travelling cheaper, making Las Vegas flights and accommodation to the desert of desire far more affordable than ever before.

Travel Downtown and walk Fremont Street

Downtown Vegas definitely has a different feel to the Strip we are so used to seeing. The area has more of a New Orleans street energy and has plenty of cheap drinks, cheap food and a surprising laid-back atmosphere. There’s also some great attractions here, including the amazing shark tank at The Golden Nugget. A must see is the Fremont Street Light Show. Basically when the sun goes down, the street comes alive (much like the rest of Vegas) with 90 foot high electronic light spectacular and outdoor music shows.

They don’t repeat anything the entire night and play a myriad of tributes to different musical artists with live bands or DJ’s performing on different stages along Freemont Street. All of this is totally free except if there is a big-name act on one of the stages or sometimes they have big shows which may not be free, but the rest is Gratis.

When in Rome…or sorta Rome, mixed with Paris and Egypt…

What is fabulous about Las Vegas is the cheapness and I don’t mean ‘tacky or kitsch’ I mean things being actually cheap in cost. You have almost the entire world in one place (with miniaturised monuments to boot) that offer world-class food at a fraction of the cost.

Now you could go to the hotels or big resorts and have their meals but why not try something a little different and get a taste of the real Vegas by eating where the locals eat. Always do your research first and maybe check out a few reviews before trying a new place but some excellent places like Firefly (which has all types of tapas, they are light and incredibly flavourful), then there’s the Lotus of Siam (traditional East-Asian food with light fruit flavouring and some spicy kick) and then there’s Bar&Bistro (They have a distinct Mediterranean & North-African menu, so they have some delicious meat dishes and rich seafood dishes) … you can bet on having a great night at any one of these Vegas joints.

Hoover Dam! That’s high.

The Hoover Dam is pretty famous. It’s been in countless movies (usually the location of some secret organisation or government project) and is still going strong as a Nevada tourist attraction. It is roughly an hour’s drive outside Las Vegas and is worth visiting for the view.

They offer tours that you can learn about how it was all built and the history behind the construction, as well as walk through the museum that illustrates the Nevada region and more in-depth information about the dam from its inception to its current state. Mostly, you’ll want to go for the view.

While walking across the dam, you will want to capture the breathtaking views that this man-made structure provides. For the brave or those that are not afraid of heights, you can venture near the edge and get a glimpse of the sheer drop of the dam from top to bottom.



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