Experiencing the Best Attractions in Budapest



This year, you were much too busy between getting settled into your new job, or moving into your brand new home to take a trip this summer.  However, now that the dust has settled, you are finally ready to use some of your banked time to head out and see more of the world.

With your Christmas season tied up with family obligations, the time is now for you to get away to somewhere in Europe. This is an attractive prospect this time of year, as more comfortable temperatures across the continent and reduced crowds make touring here a much more pleasant experience.

Just the same, popular European destinations tend to be terribly expensive, and with the aforementioned holiday season around the corner, you can’t afford to have a blowout luxury holiday, as it would land a critical blow to your shopping budget.

But have you considered Budapest?

Being situated in Central Europe, Hungary’s capital is a markedly cheaper place to visit compared to London or Paris. Things like food, accommodations and nightlife come at a significant discount compared to cities further west making Budapest an excellent choice for the budget-conscious traveller.

Your last consideration before departing: your friends and family.  You’re free, but they, having either used all their time during this past summer or are too busy with their work, are not. Schedules can be incredibly difficult to coordinate these days, so why not experience Budapest yourself by taking a Viking River Cruise?

Solo travel is increasing in popularity these days, as it is much easier to get away when you aren’t angling for the approval of others, and it opens the door for you to develop new friendships.

Since you seem to be adequately sold on the idea of exploring Hungary’s lively and historic capital, here is a rundown of the attractions you should see if you are hoping to experience the best of Budapest.

Essential sights you simply cannot miss in Budapest:

Budapest used to be at the centre of many kingdoms during the medieval era, and during this age, the monarchs reigned over their subjects at the imposing but beautiful Buda Castle. Sprawling over almost five square kilometers (just under two square miles), the many elaborately furnished rooms, halls, and chapels of this palace will astound you, as will the many varied sculptures in the courtyard.

Photographers will not want to miss a visit to the Fisherman’s Bastion. It was built in honor of the fisherman that helped guard this city all the way back in the 9th century, at a time when this ancient place was surrounded by city walls, atop which these tradesman took their turn at looking out for hostiles.

Today, this Neo-Gothic and Romanesque inspired monument serves as a viewpoint for some of Budapest’s most beautiful structures (such as the Hungarian Parliament and the Mattias Church), so be sure to double check your pocket for your camera before departing your hotel room for this amazing place.

Finally, you simply can’t come to Budapest and not experience one of their famous thermal baths. The most famous of them all is the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, which possesses numerous external and internal pools.

All of them are exceptionally beautiful, and with nutrient and mineral-infused water being piped in from a spring that peaks at more than 70 degrees Celsius (but cooled to a safe temperature before being circulated into the baths), you’ll be feeling relaxed and healthier in no time flat!


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