Hate Your Job? Here Are Three Travel Friendly Careers To Consider



One common lament of many people that have a strong urge to travel is that their chosen career simply doesn’t allow them to hit the trail more than two weeks per year (and even then, the boss makes a game out of making you feel guilty for leaving the office).

It’s extraordinarily frustrating, especially when you cruise travel blogs like this one and you see the proprietors gallivanting around the globe at will while you slave away on yet another pointless TPS report.

If travel is a major raison d’ etre for you, it’s time that you took action to acquire a career that is far more compatible will what makes you tick as a person. The following career choices will permit you to get away on the road at a much more liberal pace than in your typical corporate gig, so peruse the following options closely and start dreaming…!

Commercial / Wedding Photographer

If you love to travel to places that are part of your job and you love to putter around with your DLSR on the weekends, perhaps a fresh new career as a photographer is the right path for you. Corporations put out advertisements and promotional material all the time, and they either hire the services of a roving freelance photographer, or they retain one in-house for their own personal use.

Alternatively, you could farm out your talents as a wedding photographer, make tonnes of money for several dates, and travel on the proceeds for the reminder of the year … balla!

Freelance Writer

Have you always had a way with words? Top of your class in English all through school? Find yourself writing blogs on the side? If so, monetizing your literary talents may be a way to get out of a cubicle and on to the road.

Most base level content writing can allow you to live comfortably in the developing world, and as you build your skills and get into the more lucrative field of copywriting, you can also build a nice living for yourself in the 1st world as well.

Tour Guide (and any other business that is seasonal)

Love the outdoors/certain tourist destinations and want to share your love of it with the traveling public? Then give the life of a tour guide an honest trial. While your wage will get you by, entertaining and informative guides often make great tips, and when the season ends, you have many months open to go traveling anywhere you like.

Those that love money a bit more than that may want to roll up their sleeves and get into certain fields of construction that only operate through the warm months, as they offer higher wages, plenty of overtime, and an entire winter to explore the globe with a fat bank account!


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