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Hot travel apps to download in 2015


photo by CC user jgbeachcomber on Flickr

Hitting the road soon and looking for some cool apps to add to your phone or tablet to make your travels fun, safer, and more efficient? If so, we have assembled a post with five hot travel apps to download in 2015 that will make your latest trip the most enriching one yet.

1) Trover

Love Pinterest, but hate how hard it is to narrow down pins to a specific destination? If you find yourself in this predicament, then Trover is for you. All you have to do is type in a destination that you are curious about, hit enter, and BAM! A plethora of photos fills your screen, each with additional information on the destinations within the selected picture. A must for visually-oriented people.

2) Localeur

Those headed to America for a holiday in 2015 may want to consider adding Localeur to their phone before stepping on the plane. With 12 US cities available and more being added as time goes on, users post articles based on their experiences in their hometowns, with articles ranging from the best Chicago cafes to hang out during winter to dining options of Fremont Avenue in Seattle, among many others.

3) Hotel Tonight

OMG! Your accommodation overbooked, leaving you out on the street with nowhere to stay … whatever will you do? Download Hotel Tonight, as this program will currently save your butt in the USA, Canada and in Europe, all while saving you money off the rack rate. Talk about turning that frown upside down…!

4) Image It

As much as we try to learn key phrases in foreign languages, there will inevitably in gaps in communication that will make certain encounters abroad slightly awkward. Fortunately, there are apps out there like Image It that give you digital flashcards that will communicate roughly what your needs are to total strangers that will then be able to help you, despite neither of you knowing a word of each other’s mother tongue.

5) CityMapper

For many travelers, there are few things more intimidating than landing in a megacity (10 million + people) that you have never been to before. In these places, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to getting around, which makes apps like CityMapper indispensable. CityMapper helps you plan your journey in one of these megalopolises from point A to point B, via its buses, trains, and trams, helping you get to your destination with nary a wrong turn.