5 Places to Visit for Movie Lovers



Who doesn’t love watching movies? Everybody does, and everybody has a favorite movie (or two). If you are someone who loves watching movies, you must be interested in visiting the shooting locations of some of your favorite ones. Here are 5 exciting places to visit for movie lovers…

Tunisia – Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan, you will already know that parts of the movie were filmed in Tunisia. The exact places in Tunisia where the movie was filmed include Djerba, Medenine, Tataouine, Matmata and Tozeur or Nefta. Djerba is the place where you will find Tosche Station and “Ben’s hermitage” from the movie. In Medenine, you will find home of Anakin Skywalker. The name of the village both in the film and real life is Tataouine (although different spellings). The hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata is the home of Luke Skywalker from the film. Lars homestead and Mos Espa set will be found in Tozeur desert oasis.

New Zealand – Lord of the Rings

You have to go to New Zealand to behold the shooting locations from the famous movie franchise, The Lord of the Rings. The entire The Lord of the Rings movie was filmed in New Zealand and you can find the stunning shooting locations North Island (Matamata), Wellington (Paths of the Dead, Osgiliath Wood, Rivendell, the River Anduin, and Gardens of Isengard), Nelson (Dimrill Dale, Chetwood Forest and the The rings), Canterbury (Edoras), Mackenzie Country (Pelennor Fields), Southern Lakes (Middle-earth panorama, Gandalf’s ride and Ford of Bruinen). With so much to see across this magnificent country, why not hire a campervan to tour the country and make up your own itinerary as you go along!

Greece – Mamma Mia

Although there are plenty of reasons to visit the beautiful Greek islands, if you are a movie lover, you will be more interested as the movie Mamma Mia was filmed in the Pelion Region – Damouchari (part of the beginning of the movie was filmed here); a big portion of the movie was filmed on the luxury holiday destination of Skopelos. The locations include Kastani Bay and beach (“Does Your Mother Know” was performed here), the beach and cliffs above Glisteri, Nisi, Amarantos and Agios Ioannis Prodromos Monastery for the wedding chapel. The beautiful island of Corfu too was the location for several scenes.

Great Britain – Harry Potter Series

If you loved every movie of Harry Potter series, Great Britain is the place you should go to see the real filming locations of the movies. With the exception of London, all other locations in the movies are fictional. But the actual filming locations are London, Bath, Oxford, Durham and Northeast England, medieval town of Lavenham, Liverpool’s Queensway Tunnel, Wales and Scotland.

North & South Carolina – The Hunger Games

Although the Hunger Games Series is not considered as popular as the above movies, there is every chance you are someone who loved every bit of it. If so, you need to explore South Carolina for this very reason. Major parts of the movies were filmed in Asheville and the beautiful mountains to the west of North Carolina.

These are wonderful movies and you should love visiting these places and feel many scenes from the movies when you discover the exact locations, maybe even reenacting a few scenes along the way! Almost certainly, you can will have some exciting experiences and make some great memories.


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