5 Wonderful Wildlife Holidays Around the World 



Whether it is elephants, leopards, cheetahs, birds, or any other animal, there is something fascinating about wildlife, especially if you do not get to see it often from your home country. With this, there is no wonder why the bucket list of many people often involve visiting places where there is diverse wildlife, including those that will be mentioned below.

Safari in Zambia 

While Victoria Falls is one of the treasures that made Zambia popular, it has also been well-recognized because of its wildlife. It has a ton of national parks, although it is not as popular as its neighboring countries. The latter can indeed be beneficial as it means that the place is less touristy. Aside from traditional safaris in Zambia, you might want to take the adventure to the next level by trying night safari or walking safaris, which will provide you with the opportunity to have a closer encounter with the animals.

Bird Watching in Bhutan

If you are looking for the most enigmatic and elusive birds, a luxury holiday to Bhutan should definitely be on your list. Whether it is in swamps, forests, or grasslands, you can see a diverse species of birds, many of which are hard to find anywhere else. Some of the most popular places for bird watching in Bhutan are Kaziranga, Phobjikha Valley, and Nameri National Park. It is also home to exotic birds, like in the case of Pallas’ Fish Eagle and White-bellied Heron.

Whale Watching in Ecuador 

While Ecuador is famed for its beaches, many would be unaware, but it is also an excellent place for whale watching. In fact, it is believed that annually, at least two thousand Humpback whales depart from Antarctica and go to Colombia and Ecuador. In Ecuador, even from the shore, you can already see whales. The best time to go whale watching in the country is from June to September. Head to Manabi where you can see tour and boat companies offering whale watching services.

Elephant Ride in Thailand 

Especially in Northern Thailand, you can see a lot of companies offering rides on the back of an elephant. It has received a negative reputation in the past, primarily because some people assert that the elephants were trained in a manner that is cruel. Thailand offers a number of great wildlife holiday experiences. With such, to avoid feeling guilty about the experience, make sure to research thoroughly and book your tours only from those that that are situated in actual elephant camps where business is conducted in a manner that is ethical.

See Orangutans in Borneo 

Orangutans are not often seen in many countries. If you want to see them in the wild, you should head to Borneo. At Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, you can see injured orangutans being rehabilitated before they are released in the wild. Other places where you can have a personal encounter with orangutans include Batang Ai National Park, Danum Valley, Gunung Leuser National Park, and Rasa Ria Nature Reserve. Aside from just seeing orangutans up-close, there are also travel companies offering photography tours.


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