How to holiday like a flashpacker on the Big Island of Hawaii


Photo by CC user butsky on Flickr

Looking to get to Hawaii for the first time ever this year? Be sure to do it properly, as those that are willing to spend a little bit more can have a peak experience that far surpasses living small in this amazing place.

If you are looking to holiday like a flashpacker on the Big Island of Hawaii, the tips listed below will help you sample some of the finer things in life as they exist here…

Rent a proper villa

An experience in Hawaii that is flash starts with having the right home base. While there are hotels, guest houses, and bed and breakfasts scattered across the island, the best possible way to enjoy your time here is to rent your own villa.

This way, you will have all the comforts of home at your fingertips while not having to contend with a neighbor that snores like a chainsaw at night.

There are many Big Island home rentals that are at your disposal that boast features such as Playstations for the kids, locations on golf courses, and all the latest furnishings that are fashion forward.

With all of this available for a price that is not as expensive as you might imagine, you and your friends can have a holiday that is several levels above any other trip that you’ve done in your life to this point.

Visit a coffee plantation

When it comes to the first outing that you do on the Big Island, any coffee drinker owes it to themselves to go on a plantation tour in the Kona area.

On the misty mountainside above the villages of Kona and Kailua, rows upon rows of trees containing the fruit from which coffee beans are harvested are farmed.

Tours of the fields and the mills on site will give you an idea of how the beans go from the field to ending up as part of one of your favorite morning rituals.

Go on a helicopter tour

The mountains, beaches, and the coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii are responsible for some of the most dramatic natural scenery on the planet.

While this is apparent from the ground, it can only truly be appreciated by taking to the air. Around the island, there are numerous operators that will take you up in one of their helicopters, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the volcanoes, valleys, cliff faces and other points of interest that look much more awe-inspiring from thousands of feet in the air than from the ground.

Snorkel some of the best reefs off the coast

Another aspect of Hawaii that cannot be not properly appreciated from land is the amount of marine diversity that can be found beneath its waters just offshore.

The west coast is a particularly popular place to go snorkeling, as the mountains of the interior block the east-blowing trade winds from disturbing the waters off the coast of Kona. The volcanic rock that can be found everywhere off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii makes for ideal growing ground for coral reefs.

This in turn provides an environment where tropical fish can thrive, and it is also a great place to see the graceful manta ray float by as they feed on plankton.


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