4 Luggage Tips for Any Type of Traveler



Traveling today is a whole different world from what it was a hundred years ago. With the abundance of cruises and resort hotels, the rise of AirBnBs and hostels, and the styles of travel ranging from backpacking and flashpacking, to round-the-world flights and direct flights to both popular and best-kept-secret places, there is as much diversity in traveling as there is in destinations.

All these travel factors mean that you have to be savvy when deciding what type of luggage you’ll need to take. You want to make the most of your trip and be prepared for whatever comes your way on the road. To help travelers of all types, here are 4 tips and things to consider, so you can ensure that the luggage you bring is the most suitable for your travels.

Know Your Destination

You probably know where you’re going—and if you don’t, that’s okay too!—but do you know what the destination you’re heading to is like? Are you going on a wildlife safari, or are you going to a world-famous destination? What’s the weather and environment like at your destination? Will you be somewhere with access to banks and that can accept credit cards, or will you need to make all purchases in the local currency?

Knowing your destination will help you determine how to prepare, and that’s the first step in choosing what kind of luggage you’ll need to bring. If you need to pack clothes for walking around the town and eating in high-end restaurants, you’re going to need roomier luggage than someone who intends to spend their entire vacation in a bathing suit on the beach. The general travel rule is to pack light, but you also don’t want to pack too light and end up unable to do everything you want on your trip.

How Are You Getting There?

Whether it’s hitching rides on the road, flying, taking a boat or ship, or driving, your luggage options will vary and depend greatly on your mode of travel. If you intend to backpack, then of course you won’t want to pack so much that you’ll be weighed down and dog-tired after a day of walking and hitching rides. If you fly, then you’ll also have to take into consideration the restrictions for carry-on luggage size and check-in baggage weight. Think ahead and imagine yourself on your travels to foresee whether your luggage will be sufficient or a hindrance.

What’s Your Travel Style?

Some people pack a few items of clothing that they can mix and match to make outfits for any occasion, and some people like to pack for every imaginable situation they might encounter on their trip. Your travel style will help you decide on what size and style of luggage you need. For the light and laid-back travelers, a smaller piece of luggage might be enough. But for people who need to be prepared for going on a business-and-pleasure trip, or who are going on a skiing escapade and having to worry about weather, a larger luggage or two might be necessary.

Where Are You Staying?

Whether you’re camping out at a seaside park, staying budget-friendly at a hostel, or checking in to a fancy resort, where you end up staying can have a huge impact on the type and size of luggage you should carry.

Backpackers who will be living and possibly eating out of their packs will want larger backpacks than ones used for school. Since people don’t want to leave their belongings out in the open, hostels often have lockers that either come with the room or that you can rent for a daily fee, but these lockers tend to be small. A hotel or resort will allow for travelers to simply leave their luggage in their room, so the size and amount of luggage is less of an issue.

No matter where you’re staying, you’ll want to make sure that the luggage you take isn’t something you’ll have to worry about. After all, you’re going on a trip! You should be able to enjoy it and take in all the amazing sights without having to think about your luggage.


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