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Experiences, not things: Three outstanding travel gift ideas


photo by CC user FlashBuddy on pixabay

These days, a backlash has begun against the materialism that has replaced actual thought when it comes to getting gifts for our loved ones. While it is nice to get the latest technological creation from the likes of Apple, Google or GoPro, these devices often lack the emotional context that presents used to have in prior years.

By getting your loved ones experience based gifts this year, you’ll be giving them something that grants them memories that will last far longer than the temporary rush of getting the latest gadget. To underscore the desirability of giving your family and friends a day of exhilaration instead of a new stand up blender, we will illustrate three travel gift ideas that we believe will give them one of the best (if not THE best) birthdays that they have had in their lifetime.

1) Learn how to drive a rally car

Looking to give your best pal one last adrenaline-soaked weekend before he ties the knot with his beloved fiance? Have you thought about getting your fellow lads together and passing the hat around to buy him a weekend of learning how to race rally cars.

Highly experienced and trained instructors will show him and all of you how to push street legal cars to their limit on the blessedly empty rally tracks where you needn’t worry about civilians or the police getting in the way of your fun.

2) Roll down a hill inside of a giant plastic ball

On laundry day, have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like to be inside of a washing machine as it tumbles around and around?

In the extreme sports world, there is an activity that gives you the chance to experience this surreal sensation, as Zorbing has you enter into the inner sanctum of a specially constructed giant plastic ball, which is filled with a small amount of lukewarm water.

Once you have entered the fray, your Zorb attendant will send you down the hill on your way, giving you ten to fifteen seconds of one the most unique experiences that you have ever had in your life.

3) Float above the Earth on a hot air balloon ride

Know a special couple that could use an amazingly romantic activity to re-spark their love life? Why not give them the surprise of a lifetime by gifting them with a hot air balloon ride? Many of these encounters happen as the sun breaches the horizon in the early morning, or as it sinks into it in the evening, making for an hour or two that you will never forget. Make sure your balloon package includes champagne, as a flute or two of the bubbly pairs well with this activity.


Lesser Known Destinations In Western Canada That Are Worth Your Time



When you think of Western Canada, images of the Canadian Rockies and the mountains of British Columbia typically spring to mind. Additionally, one might imagine strolling the streets of Whistler or Banff, admiring the peaks with winter snow hanging on even in the first days of summer, as you hunt for the perfect souvenir that will define your trip in one sophisticated trinket.

If the touristy nature of these places is a turn-off for you, don’t despair, as there are many other places throughout the Canadian west where you can enjoy the timeless vistas that this corner of North America is famous for, without having to wade through a sea of fanny pack toting tourists to get the perfect photographic angle.

The following places are favoured by Canadian locals for their natural assets, views, and their access to amenities that ensure that you will have a relaxing getaway that won’t be disturbed by a massive wave of humanity. To really see this area at your own pace, consider traveling around in a camper. Let’s start by profiling…

1) Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Identified by Canadian Pacific Railway officials as a site for tourism in the late 1800’s due to the presence of multiple hot springs in the area, a picturesque lake, and mountain peaks that completed the area’s stunning backdrop, a hotel and community was established here. While the popularity of this place never quite reached the proportions of Banff to the east, it slowly built up a following from those living in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Today, commercial hot spring operations are complimented by a fabulous beach on Lake Harrison, boat cruises, sportfishing, opportunities for watersports, and much more.

2) Emerald Lake, BC

Of all the national parks in the Canadian Rockies, Banff and Jasper hog much of the attention and the press, leading many to overlook the stunning views and experiences one can have in BC national parks like Yoho and Kootenay. The former park contains the jade green gem that is Emerald Lake, which has an abundance of lush plant life due to its location on the windward side of the Rockies. Trails circle this under-appreciated lake, permitting views of the towering President Range, and they play host to excellent snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter.

3) Canmore, Alberta

While Banff is the most famous town in the Canadian Rockies, it comprises less than half of the population of the Bow River Valley. The town of Canmore, a former mining town that was reborn into an outdoor recreation and lifestyle destination after coal prices crashed in the 1980’s, is a place that most tourists blaze through on their way to its more glamorous cousin further up the valley.

However, the views of the front range of the Rockies are no less impressive here, as the Three Sisters make for many spectacular photos, and many trails can be hiked from town, and Kananaskis Country is a short drive away, where even more stunning treks can be embarked upon.

Tips For Your Very First Safari



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Fun Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean



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A Coast to Coast Aussie Road Trip



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Sights to See in The Algarve, Portugal


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