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Best Bars To Hit On A Manhattan Pub Crawl


image by CC user endymion120 on flickr

With the school year well underway in New York City, the student bars on the island of Manhattan are brimming with young patrons from Columbia, NYU, and other institutions of higher learning. If you are among those in this large student body, you are likely getting stressed out these days, as finals creep closer with each passing week.

There is no better time than now to blow off some steam, so get some of your friends together and plan a Manhattan pub crawl. However, there’s no denying it: alcohol prices in NYC are a little cray cray, so you’ll need to pick your spots carefully to avoid blowing the remainder of your loan money in one night.

With that in mind, here are three selections for your Manhattan pub crawl that will maximize your fun, while keeping the total bill to a reasonable level.

1) Lion’s Head Tavern

Named in part for the mascot of nearby Columbia University, those looking to meet with and potentially hook up with local college students will do well to come here. Sport lovers will enjoy catching action of any of New York’s eight pro sports teams while getting their night off to a rollicking start.

With pitchers of draft being priced at $7 on Sundays and pints of it going for a paltry $1 on Wednesdays, you’ll be able to get a buzz going without cleaning out half your bank account, which is a task that is easier said than done in New York City.

2) McSorley’s Old Ale House

A pub crawl isn’t a pub crawl if you don’t spend at least part of it inside an authentic Irish drinking establishment. In New York City, no place exudes it quite like McSorley’s Old Ale House. Being in business for over 150 years, it is one of the oldest bars in the entire city, so it is obvious that they know that they are doing when it comes to serving the thirsty young patrons of NYC.

If you are hungry at this point in your alcoholic voyage, slay it with a cheese and onion plate. While it won’t make your breath any more appealing to potential mates, it doesn’t matter: you’re on a mission to get messed up!

3) Mehanata Bulgarian Bar

When it comes to a successful end point for a pub crawl, no place does better than one where you can let loose on the dance floor with nary an inhibition. Mehanata Bulgarian Bar fits this description to a T, as its downstairs dance floor plays host to DJ’s from around the world that spin a wide variety of eclectic music that will get your body moving in no time flat.

Those looking for a more chill way to wind up their night can take to the balcony, where one can sit with a hookah and puff away until their spirit settles down.


Quality Resort Towns in Queensland, Australia



For those looking to head to Australia to soak up the sunshine that this continent and nation is so richly famous for, Queensland is a place that delivers warm weather no matter the time of year. While the Northern Territory and the northern reaches of Western Australia also offer tropical climes, neither of these places come close to the urban amenities and conveniences that are commonplace throughout the highly populated expanses of the Queensland coast.

Within relatively easy reach of the major Australian cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, elevated dining, accommodation, and attractions can be found in abundance, leading to a great problem (but a problem nonetheless): which resort town or city on the Queensland coast should I base myself during my Australian holiday?

There are many high quality destinations along Queenland’s seemingly endless coastal expanse, but three stand out above all the rest. These travel hubs all have their own character, so pay attention over the following paragraphs, so you might select the destination that is right for you.

1) Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a collection of beach towns and cities defined more by its forest of supertall condo towers that are strung out along the coast just south of Brisbane, the most famous of which is Surfer’s Paradise. This haven for chilled out dudes and dudettes permits you the chance to learn this exciting and zen inducing sport, and the friends you meet along the way will surely lead to a lively night at one of the many bars that line the beachfront.

If hugging a koala has founds its way onto your lengthy bucket list, a visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary does this, to say nothing of all the other fascinating wildlife that one can find on this isolated continent.

2) Cairns

Further north, trips out into the Great Barrier Reef figures heavily into what goes on in the popular traveler city of Cairns. Take a glass bottomed boat out into the colourful formations of the world’s largest barrier reef, or get into the thick of things by donning a snorkel or a dive tank.

On dry land, other adventure sports will take up your time, as whitewater rafting, hang gliding, and hot air ballooning will keep you out of your hotel room for much of your stay. Sure, it may be comfy, but that’s not why you flew halfway around the world!

3) Port Douglas

If the hectic go-go-go nature of the Gold Coast and Cairns is too stressful for you, then head north one hours from the latter city to Port Douglas, population 3,000. Not only will the slower pace of life here reduce your resting blood pressure, but the immense beauty of Four Mile Beach will immediately convince you that you have made the right choice.

Get a mind blowing view of your surroundings by ascending the gondola at the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, or join a tour group as you explore the Daintree Rainforest, which contains many of Australia’s unique wildlife species, living in their natural state.

Culture Crawling In Sydney, Australia



Being the commercial centre and the largest city in Australia and Oceania, Sydney has become a magnet for culture.  With all the wealth enjoyed by the thriving middle and upper classes of this cosmopolitan and dynamic metropolis, there is no shortage of places to enjoy some poignant culture Down Under before heading out into the hinterland in search of Aussie’s most famous natural attractions.

In that spirit, here’s how to fill your days and nights in the Harbour City with enriching cultural experiences that will give you a sense of what makes the people down here tick…

Catch A Show At the Sydney Opera House

You may want to file this one under “duh”, as it seems like an obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised at how many people just click a picture of this iconic building, and then just go on their merry way without stopping to consider that there just might be some worthwhile cultural exhibitions that go on here once the sun sinks below the horizon.  Indeed, this much celebrated hall of the performing arts carries out shows year round, with acts including theatre, concerts, symphony performances, and of course, productions of many famous and new operas!

Take In The Latest In Theatre And Performing Arts At Carriageworks

Formerly a series of railway workshops as recently as 1989, this site was refurbished starting in 2003, with Carriageworks opening to artists and admiring members of the general public in 2007. Here, patrons of the performing arts can enjoy puppetry, dance theatre, visual art displays and many other stimulating experiences.  Located next door is the Everleigh Market, where one can peruse many organic and artisanal foodstuffs and crafts grown and created by local farmers and artists.

Stroll Amongst Aussie Masterpieces At The Art Gallery Of New South Wales

Those that like admiring imitations of life via paint and canvas should make time to explore the Art Gallery of New South Wales.  This museum’s claim to fame is its collection of Aboriginal art, which is the largest in the world.  In addition to this, this gallery also has a healthy collection of contemporary Australian, Asian and European pieces, making it an excellent way to hide from the intense Sydney heat in mid-summer, as temperatures often approach 40c here at the hottest time of year.

Paint The Town Red: Sydney’s Lively Nightlife

After all the culture grazing that you’ll do during the day, it’s likely that you’ll be seeking a few drinks to digest what you’ve experienced with your travel partners.  Depending on your interests, there are several places to go within Greater Sydney.  Those seeking the club vibe should make for King’s Cross, while those seeking to rub shoulders with the after work crowd on a Friday should head to the Central Business District.  If you’re seeking some same sex attention, Oxford Street has this cities greatest concentration of LGBT themed drinking establishments, while those seeking to sip on Australia’s trendiest microbrews would do well to head to The Rocks.

Sydney Is A Happening Place

Being the biggest population centre of a country has undeniable advantages when it comes to culture, nightlife and other trendy attractions.  As such, make time to experience some of the best of Australia’s culture before setting out for the nation’s popular attractions further afield.      

20 Things to Do in the Queen City (Charlotte, NC)


U.S. National Whitewater Center – An active person’s oasis. USNWC is located just 10 minutes outside of uptown Charlotte and offers a plethora of outdoor activities. I enjoy stand-up paddle boarding, whitewater rafting, running trails, and kayaking. Other activities include ropes courses, zip lines, canopy tours, mountain biking trails, and rock climbing. USNWC also has fun events throughout the year. We are going to the Whitewater River Jam Uncorked event this month, which features live bands and a $20 wine tasting.

USNWC River’s Edge Bar & Grill has great food and an excellent selection of draft beers, so be sure to check it out.

What you need to know: Parking costs $5; an All-Day Sports Pass costs $49; no outside food or beverage allowed; pet-friendly; nice bathrooms and showers.

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center – Perfect for those who have an interest in performing arts. I have been awed by every show I have watched. I love that I can get a taste of Broadway right here in Charlotte.

What you need to know: Charlotteans tend to dress up when going to the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. Dress with class. I recommend parking at the Hearst Tower. It is nearby and you can get $5 preferred parking if you purchase your parking with your tickets or if you purchase the parking at the theatre before you return to the garage.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art – Don’t miss visiting this museum. It features works by the most influential and important artists of the 20th Century. We visited during a BMW 5-Series unveiling party, so we benefitted from the extra fun of having wine and hors’devours.

What you need to know: Admission is $8 for adults; it’s closed on Tuesdays; hours are typically 10 AM-5 PM; receive discounted parking at the Levine Center for the Arts garage located at 550 South Tryon Street.

Southend – Famous in Charlotte for its eclectic vibe and renovated factories. The Design Center in South End features a vibrant mix of shops, restaurants, and galleries. My favorite restaurants include: Pike’s Soda Shop, The Liberty, and Sullivan’s Steakhouse.

What you need to know: Parking is plentiful; you can walk most places; LYNX trains zoom through South End to uptown; on 1st Friday of each month, Southend has a Gallery Crawl.

The EpiCentre – This is uptown Charlotte’s center for nightlife. Conveniently located near the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, this area has plenty of restaurants, clubs, and even has an upscale bowling alley. (Fun fact: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is the owner of Whiskey River).

What you need to know: Parking is $10 in the epicenter parking garage; travel with women if you want to get into the night clubs; dress to impress.

SouthPark Mall –The Carolinas’ best source for luxury fashion and casual staples. Shops include: Burberry, J. Crew, Kate Spade, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co., and Urban Outfitters.

What you need to know: SouthPark is easy to get to from I-77; there are additional shops and restaurants in The Village at SouthPark located next to Crate and Barrel (we recommend dining at The Cowfish if you like burgers and/or sushi).

Lake Norman – Known best in the summer time for its “Party Cove,” Lake Norman is a great spot to mingle and have some fun. Rent jet skis to get in on the Party Cove fun. Lake Norman State Park is also worth a visit if you can’t get out on the water. It features a sand beach, campgrounds, and hiking and biking trails.

What you need to know: It takes 30-45 minutes to get to, depending on where you stay in Charlotte.

Montford Drive – A place best known for attracting fraternity boys and sorority girls, or at least those who look and act like them. It’s an area that crawls with nightlife fun without having to be in the heart of uptown. Everyone in Charlotte seems to agree that Good Food is a favored restaurant in the area.

What you need to know: Cops patrol the area in abundance; park at one bar/restaurant and you can easily walk to others.

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery – Located in south Charlotte, this brewery produces all natural, premium beer. We suggest getting a glass of OMB Copper.

What you need to know: Closed on Sundays and Mondays; tours offered on Saturdays, brewery also serves some food.

Uptown’s Little Sugar Creek Greenway – We love jogging this greenway since it takes us from the suburbs to the skyscrapers. It’s also perfect for walkers and bikers.

What you need to know: Bugs can be horrible on the greenway (run with your mouth shut and sunglasses on); enjoy the greenway with a friend since some areas are desolate.

NC Music Factory – Although it’s not our favorite spot, this area tends to be popular for the music and nightlife. It’s a little out of uptown, but once you park, you can easily walk to all the venues. We went to the Drake concert last year and had an absolute blast.

What you need to know: The preferred club here is Butter (“upscale”); arrive to the Fillmore early if you want to a good view of the concert.

Metropolitan – An urban mixed-use community; features condos, restaurants, shops, and large retailers such as Best Buy. Metro offers some of the best views of our beautiful QC. We recommend dining at Pisces Sushi Bar or Dressler’s.

What you need to know: There is plenty of parking and it’s FREE!

Phillips Place – A place for those who truly love the finer things in life. Phillips Place has outstanding restaurants, a movie theatre, Dean & Deluca wine bar, and many specialty shops. The fountains, flowers, and benches make this area one of my favorite places to visit.

What you need to know: Parking can be a pain; the shops and restaurants are expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, this place isn’t for you.

The VanLandingham Estate, Morehead Inn, Duke Mansion – All three of these historic residences feature breathtaking elegance. They are also all bed & breakfasts.

What you need to know: I don’t even know what you need to know. Just go!

Crowder’s Mountain – Another fun place to visit for those of you who enjoy the great outdoors. This state park has wonderful hiking trails and also has rock climbing. I absolutely love the views at the peak and enjoy watching raptors soaring in the sky.

What you need to know: It’s about a 45-minute trip from Charlotte; pet-friendly; bathrooms located at trailheads; don’t take the trail with the stairs if you’re out of shape.

Wing Haven Gardens – Located in affluent Myers Park, this has been a unique area of Charlotte since 1927. The gardens and bird sanctuary span three acres and are enclosed by brick walls.

What you need to know: Admission is $6 for adults; convenient parking; only open Tuesdays (3-5 PM), Wednesdays (10 AM-12 PM), and Saturdays (10 AM-5 PM).

Shelton Vineyards – This isn’t exactly close to Charlotte, but I’m a bit of a wino, so obviously I have to include a vineyard on the list! It’s absolutely gorgeous and there are plenty of tasting options to choose from.

What you need to know: Nearly two hours from Charlotte; tastings will cost you $5-$40 per person; the tour is well worth your time.

NoDa: Charlotte’s Historic Art District – Great for the artsy types who love to peruse galleries and fun little performance venues. Visit NoDa on the 1st or 3rd Friday of the month to experience NoDa’s unique street scene, the Gallery Crawl. (Fun fact: Marc and I had our first date at Cabo Fish Taco in the NoDa neighborhood)

What you need to know: Parking is tight and may be difficult to find. Lots of live music and dive bars. The surrounding area is rough, though.

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Enjoy a concert at Charlotte’s open-air music venue. This amphitheatre attracts the nation’s best musical performers. Marc and I went to the Zac Brown Band concert this summer … amazing.

What you need to know: Traffic can be a little rough, so go early to tailgate; drinks are outrageous (duh).

Historic Latta Plantation – Take a tour through this circa 1800 cotton plantation and living history farm. The guided tours are informative and well worth the money. Then head over to Latta Equestrian Center to go horseback riding around the plantation!

What you need to know: Adult admission is $7; Horseback rides are typically $25 unless you opt for a two-hour sunset ride, which will run you $65 (dinner included).

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~ Lyndsi