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Bangkok: 4 Things You Can’t Miss



You’ve just booked your flight to Bangkok, but what are you going to do when you actually get there? It’s a city of 600 square miles: you could get lost in a heartbeat. The tons of spicy food that you can eat for days, the crazy tuk-tuk drivers that hopefully speak English, and the Grand Royal Palace are just some of the experiences that you shouldn’t miss. Don’t be surprised if you end up extending your trip after checking off these four epic items off your bucket list.

Try REAL Thai Food 

Thai food is some of the best food in the world, and where better to indulge than Bangkok? The city offers many traditional Thai culinary delights like noodle dishes, meat kebabs, and exotic fruits. Those travelers seeking more non-traditional fare can search out Angry Bird fish balls and various roasted bugs, while the truly brave can try grilled scorpion. Aside from the many traditional Thai restaurants, the experience that you’ll be begging to have imported around the world will be found in the street markets. Make sure you’re ready for a taste bud overload after munching on some of the local treats.

Tuk Tuk Tour 

The public transportation is good in Bangkok but if you want a real adventure, hire a tuk-tuk driver to take you on a tour of the city. Wind will blow through your hair while you are zipping in and out of the heavy traffic Bangkok is known for. Iconic selfie pictures are necessary, especially if you make friends with your driver.
The best English speaking tuk-tuk drivers hang around Khao San road. If you’re looking for the cheapest hotels in Bangkok, this is also the best area to look.

Thai Boxing Match 

Adrenaline junkies will get a secondary high from all the excitement surrounding a Thai boxing match. Finely-honed fighters will duke it out one-on-one in the ring and you’ll be standing on your feet encouraging your favorite fighter. The sweat will be dripping down your face but whether it’s from the Bangkok heat or all the excitement? Hard to tell.

For those fitness junkies that want to try the sport out, many Thai boxing schools are scattered all over the city. Just ask your favorite tuk-tuk driver for the best place to go.

Grand Palace

Those travelers that want to see all the opulence Bangkok has to offer should head to the Grand Palace. Centered in the heart of the city, the multiple-structure palace is the definition of luxury in Southeast Asia. The gold painted towers, hand-chiseled statues, and well-manicured landscape will create memories that you’ll keep the rest of your life. Most holidays and festivals bring large celebrations at the Grand Palace, so try timing your visit to catch it at its best.

Any history-loving travelers will be satisfied after a visit to the Grand Palace. Some buildings in the compound were built over 200 years ago with new structures being built with each coronation of a new Thai king.

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3 Dishes To Eat In Their Culinary Hometowns



Around the world, there are many cities that have given birth to sumptuous meals that have gained fans the world over.  While restaurants abroad dedicated to foreign cuisines often do an admirable job emulating these recipes, there is no replacement for the countless years of experience in preparing these dishes that chefs in their home cities possess.

In this light, the foodie traveler is well-served by seeking out the birthplaces of the favourite food that they love best, and consuming them in the kitchens where they were likely first conceived. So that we may introduce a new wrinkle into your dual love affair with food and travel, we have highlighted three specific dishes that one will enjoy best when they are eaten in their respective hometowns.

Let us start this gastronomic journey by talking about…

1) Khao Soi, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Composed of dry crunchy noodles sat atop a sweet coconut broth, accented with a touch of lime juice, Khao Soi is the pride of the Northern Thai city of Chiang Mai.  Soft yellow noodles lie within this addictive soup, which can come with chicken, pork, or in vegetarian concoctions that contain tofu.

Fancy five star hotel restaurants, hole-in-the-wall establishments, and street stalls alike all proudly serve this dish … just don’t blame us for becoming addicted to this amazing curry after you come home and have trouble finding it in Thai restaurants there (honestly, it’s saddening!)

2) Poutine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

While it won’t win any awards as a miracle health food any time soon, there is no doubting poutine’s place as a comfort food, a 3 AM hunger killer, and as a meal that can stop a hangover dead in its tracks. This heart attack on a paper plate starts with a French fry base, which is then covered in cheese curd (NOT grated cheese, there is a difference!), and topped with a lava hot coating of gravy.

Primarily found in Quebec (though it is increasingly found in many other urban centres across Canada), the best place to have your first run in with poutine is after a long night living the high life on Saint Catherine’s Street in Montreal, a practice that will not only sop up all the craft beer, wine and Patron shots you been drinking, but will also put you in touch with the fun-loving Quebecois that make this city one of the primo party spots in all of North America!

3) Paella, Valencia, Spain

While this rice dish is primarily associated with the type that contains seafood such as mussels and shrimp, the original Valencian version of this dish was made with vole, a rodent during the early days when people in the area were quite poor.  As fortunes improved over the years, it was made with chicken, duck, and due to its position on the Mediterranean Sea, various types of seafood.  The aspect that gives this dish its Valencian appeal is the fact that it is cooked over a flame containing the boughs of orange and pine trees, whose smoke further infuses the paella with its distinctive flavour.

Elevate Your Foodie Travel Game

While it is awesome to experience the cuisine that a particular nation is famous for, niching down and trying dishes that specific cities have birthed will further your connection to the places that you visit.  Locals will impart their passion for said foods when you seek them out, leading to a much more authentic experience!

Thailand’s Culture and Traditions



Thailand is a country steeped in history and heritage, and this is seen through the rich culture and traditions that the country partakes in. With so many beliefs and cultures that are different to Western society, it’s a brilliant place to visit if you’re looking to spread your wings a little and go in search of something new. Below are just a select few things that you should know beforehand to practice respect in a new country and get to grips with the traditions of Thailand. Read the rest of this entry